Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Seoul-

I tried so hard to write an entry last night nights ago? I don't know, the time difference is so confusing! Anyway, I tried to add an update but my dumbo phone only allowed me to type in the Title so...

We have landed! It was a 12 hour and 10 minute flight from LAX to Seoul, Korea and now we have a layover for about 8 hours. Yuck.

It was debated whether or not we should grab a hotel room and go see the city with what limited time we had but it seems that the cons outweigh the pros. We would have to get through customs and security checks and then deal with all of that again when getting back into the terminal. Now we're at the Internet Zone of the Lounge area and I'm on a stupid HP computer that immediately felt the need to restart and install all 27 of its stupid updates*****Alex just told me that we DO have wifi!

Ahh, much better on my own computer =D Let's begin from Saturday.

We ate a huge dumpling lunch with G-Ma. Then we headed over to Target but first taking a quick pit stop at JimJeans. And look at the creation they had standing in the middle of their living room. Beautiful.

Then was dinner and zoom (obviously my dad was driving) we were at the International Terminal of LAX.

Many delirious hours were spent saying nonsensical things and taking silly pictures.

...not that their normal smile is silly or

our little team

12 hours later and we are in Seoul. I've never been before and I guess I won't be going any time soon because all I see is this airport. It's a nice place though, look!

yes I took a picture of the toilet, it's wrapped like Jeanne's famous homemade sandwiches!

And some of us are tired. Although right after this picture he started eat beef jerky and has since disappeared. Oh squirrel ninjas are just like that.

I forgot to bring all my electronic converters (in the check in bag stupidly) so I am limited. That's all from me now. Olivia has volunteered to write in the blog so when she does I'll share that link if you are interested. What time is it? Argh, only 8.5 more hours to go *grumble grumble

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  1. i like the fancy toilet seat covers... until you compare it to sandwiches of course. AIYA ophe! lol.
    now, stop grumbling and go eat some legitimate korean food!