Friday, October 8, 2010


Day one of competition- I am exhausted.

This one's going to be a shorty because my eyes can barely stay open.

It was our first experience at Worlds and after exiting the bus, we found this interesting building with many many Uzbek students standing outside the gates with curious eyes.

We were pleasantly surprised to see such a fun colorful interior set up. Many color variations with three large formal poomsae mats in the middle.

What are these by the way?

We spent some time walking around gathering pins (picture of that tomorrow!) and took a second to pose for someone else's camera. Hmph.

We met some local people...many local people I should say.

And we got to meet many different countries. It was as though we were ambassadors representing our countries to other people. Some were very kind, some were shy and quiet, some were not fluent in English, and some were pondering whether or not our lives reflected what they saw on the OC.

As the day neared its end, the much anticipated Opening Ceremony took place with fantastic (and long) performances. And a few of us have the chance to stand as representatives of our country and networked with more people.

Overall it was an awesome day. Unfortunately it was so incredibly draining so I will cut this short and hopefully get more in tomorrow. Probably not though...

"U! *clap clap clap* S! *clap clap clap* A! *clap clap clap* USA!!"


"Give me a U! U! You got that U, you got that U!
Give me a S! S! You got that S, you got that S!
Give me an A! A! You got that A, you got that A!
What does that spell?

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