Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 3 of Uzbekistan

Look what the amazing Natalie made for every member of the team! It's beautiful AND highly detailed, we basically wore it to every team event today =D

We had our usual morning practice and I could feel that today was much better than yesterday. More progression was made and less tension so I could actually relax and enjoy the practice.

I am really glad that we have this team, everyone is so kind and supportive. It is an endearing environment to foster mental growth.

After practice we returned to the hotel where I found some time to do actual homework. And of course, the frustration does not alter around the world. Also, I must remember to bring back a rock for May.

When 2:30 rolled around we all headed to the first floor meeting room where we had a very entertaining introduction to Uzbek culture from the US Embassy.

not here, that's actually Mr. Machado

The group that came gave us great insight into the culture and to answer the main question is everyone's mind, no the country is not prejudice against Americans. In fact, they are very interested in American culture and are often very welcoming and friendly. When we asked our translators if they have visited the States their answers were, "no but it is my dream!" =)

Women here are not wearing any coverings (sorry I have forgotten the name) and actually everyone is dressed very much like they do at home, except more conservatively. Again, it is a very modern city and apparently frown on creating a religious based government.

Anyway, after the meeting came a few pictures but I only have two goofy ones.

Later on in the day we traveled to the local mall and did some souvenir shopping for the families!

And then we created an appropriate family portrait.

Can you guess which is the man and which is the woman?

Neither can I...

Then there was Odona

She looks almost 2D here. We just completed our second practice of the night and we are just completely exhausted. Tomorrow is the first day of tournament(ing)! I need sleep so that I can go there and cheer my heart out! Not literally.

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