Friday, October 29, 2010


I am putting the final touches on my second design project this semester and my tired hands are probably more excited than I am!

My group partner, May, and I spent all day and night working and if any of you are planning to pull all-nighters here are some tips:

- plan ahead and get a good night's sleep the night before

- stay hydrated and don't overdo the coffees and energy drinks

- snack but don't keep snacking, you'll regret it when the tummy ache kicks in

- play some background music or play a dvd that you have already seen in the background. Don't choose something completely new because you will be tempted to watch that instead.

- if you are feeling extremely tired, don't resist your body's needs. Take a quick 10-30 minute nap and get back to it!

We've finished with the main portion of our project that is due on Monday so now it is time to work on our physical model. I'm not at my laptop but I definitely will post a picture of my model later on!

For now I just wanted to share a new show that I spent the afternoon watching: NCIS

It's pretty good, try it out! But all these detective/forensics/action/I-am-really-actiony-with-my-gun shows are so addicting =)

Ok, just checking in since I've been absent lately. I will update soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being MIA sucks


stands for Monster Intelligent Ape. They suck, you understand now?

Anyway, I have been (and still am) pretty caught up in a school project right now. The lack of sleep is catching up to me. I felt a great drop in energy around 1am and I'm afraid at 2:21am, I must call it quits and actually get some sleep. My partner, May and I are scheduled for an all-nighter tomorrow so...must gear up!

In other news, I took a picture of my cubicle with a picture of my cubicle.

Genius, I know!

And here are some work samples during the beginning of the weekend. There's still a long ways to go =/

Don't judge my pink sparkly third grade ruler...I was too lazy to find a REAL ruler.

Here are a few May-isms for the day:

"I need to get a new Wheat. It's dry."

"I'm going to eat D-holes."


Sunday, October 24, 2010

All Day Long

Oh the joys of homework -

Mz May came up around noon and we worked through the day. Yes, we saw the sun come out and then go back in. We saw Sweetie walk around and run away and then return to lay down in boredom from watching us. We felt the heat consume the room and then the chill night air discomfort our bodies.

We called it quits around 8ish when she headed off to dinner and I plunged through to finish the last details of my portion for the day.

I decided to stop because I was getting delirious...lots of random singing =)

BUT look what I found!!!

(I put the Mario Badescu drying lotion on it)

I was displeased.

Blast you, pimply Joe! You are not welcomed and I will squeeze you later!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Laptop Party!

May and I spent a full day indoors, conversing while staring at our own computers. Well, she stared at both of her off...

It was soo soo gloomy again today! Sunshine, where are you? We miss you! Your absence makes me lose track of time- I was sitting there working for what seemed like endless hours and when I finally looked up to see how late it was, I saw that it was only 2:19pm!

We headed to our school's gallery around 6pm to help take down the Works In Progress boards and various projects. Too bad only a few people showed up so we had to pull a lot of weight for about two hours before heading back home.

I was watching Julieg713 on youtube and saw her latest tutorial. Inspiring! So I tried it but my try did not turn out as pigmented.

...Also, my relaxed face always looks like I'm either pouting or jutting out my jaw in an aggressive "I'm ready to fight you for that last piece of steak" way

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's so gloooooomy!

I still don't have my camera cord so no pictures will be uploaded until the weekend =/

For today we just basically stayed indoors working endless hours on our project. I was working on a very rough study model and was extremely surprised to find out that three hours had passed without my knowing.

So we decided to take a break and walk over to the Outpost, the nearby eatery, to buy some chips. How little we are aware of the rest of the world when we are in studio!

We saw many familiar faces and realized that the gloomy, cloudy, gray skies had partly cleared. But alas, we had to return to studio.

I continued working on sketches and suddenly I heard someone say, "Hey everyone! It's 5:30 and Maureen is here!"


Time flew! And before I knew it, we were sitting in the front of the room listening to our professor discuss contracts.

Anyway, here is a picture from our Works In Progress show. Not the entire class but just a handful of us =)

(taken from Josh's facebook album)

It's only 9:30pm and I'm so sleepy! wth?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working on not being weird

It's 9:45pm and I am just starting on my second coffee. Ick.

It was a super gloomy day today! Super! Not the good kind of super but the forced usage in enhance the extremities that describe the decline of mood and emotions. (that, my friends, is called BS)

Anyway we spent most of the afternoon staring into the abyss, a.k.a. our computers, trying to work on Autocad, Photoshop, and Illustrator for our projects. The day was so slow yet flew by at the same time. How could it be?

I'm looking at the next two to three hours being drowned in Cad so I shall go now.

Here's the poem I sent Olivia today:

Rain is Pain.
Gloom is Doom.
Lightning is Fright'ning.
Ophe is a Trophy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why do only kids get this!?

This was in the Korean Airport in Seoul, the Incheon International Airport. I am so jealous that these little areas are created for the impatient little ones who need some way to exert their energy.

Ok, we did enjoy it ourselves too...

Some of the components were a bit odd....

My mom decided to share the story of my youthful tendencies during dinner last night. Apparently as a two year old, my mom took me to Hong Kong on her own to attend her relative's wedding. I am not a sleeper by nature so I took to walking up and down the aisles throughout the flight. After we landed and arrived at the wedding, I had also felt the need to walk through the reception for limitless hours.


She said my feet were sooooo gross.... love ya, mom!

I had to end with this picture because they both look so bored and down. Well, that is the toll that takes on one when they travel so much! It was just a week and a half, can you imagine what this can do to you in the span of a year?!

For today's update we had our Senior Works In Progress show. Whoop-dee-doo. That was sarcasm by the way.

I'll update with a few pictures tomorrow. For now I am so tired and ready to hit the hay as they say. I rhyme all the time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Markets at Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Now I can officially say that I have been to a bazaar! On our last day of touring we asked the translators to take us to their local markets so that we can take a glimpse into the normal life of a Uzbek person.

Their first reaction was one of confusion and amusement but they did agree and off we went.

Unfortunately as you could see from one of my previous posts that Mondays are their holidays so most markets were closed. Fortunately we found one that was open for viewing.

You had to first pass through this mall, see the amazing ceiling?

And then the bazaar was there to greet us

We were of course greeted with curious eyes. We were the only ones there wearing tshirts and flip flops =/

See the amazing groceries! Samples of the fruit and vegetables were always offered, they were delicious.

Next was the meat market where samples were also very readily available.

And the very tasty cheese both salted and unsalted. Unsalted really does not taste like cheese!

A delectable feast for the eyes! I am so glad I got a glimpse of daily life =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Story of Countries

Since I was Russian, Iran to eat the Turkey that was sitting on my best China. But when I got there, I found someone replaced it with Belgian Waffles instead.

"Israel?" I asked, "I want it my way or Norway because I am really Hungary!"

I turned so quickly and tripped so badly that I Spain my ankle.

"Great Britain!" I exclaimed as I hobbled to the nearby cafe.

I ordered hot coffee because it was so Chile but had to send it back because I like it Sweden.

A nearby woman approached me after my first sip to ask, "Hey lady, India survey you took you did not mark what party you are in."

"Please Czech Republic for me then."

"If you do not mark it, it is not usable. Can you spell usable?"

"Yes, U-S-A-b-l-e."

Her face contorted as she huffed, "But YOU did not mark it."

"Well Denmark it for me please," I smile.

"Perus this and get back to me," she sneered as she dropped the sheet into my coffee.

"Pardon my French but, Amsterdam! It's been a bad day!"

***okay it started becoming forced at the end. Today's a two part-er, more down below!***

The place I forgot the name to...

Isn't she lovely.

Today is a two part-er! So my second post will show up before this one if you are interested =)

This was the last day of our trip when the majority of our group had gone. Our lovely translators decided to take us on a small tour of their city. Of course I cannot remember what this place is called so...yep, no help there...

But isn't it beautiful!

This was the museum that was closed (apparently Mondays are their holidays!) so the security guard very kindly gave us a detailed historical tour of the exterior of the building =)

I realize that bridges all have their individual character and own beauty. This is no different.

Tomorrow's the market tour! Thanks for following =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recaping a bit more every day

I'm home! And still a teeny tiny bit jet lagged so updates might be rolling in slowly.

I went back to school today and felt a wave of anxiety as everyone updated me on what I had missed and what I needed to do. Eep!

Aside from that I feel like my new project has progressed enough for the amount of time we had worked together and I will just let that catch up before focusing on anything else.

So let's go back to the last night of the competition when we had the opportunity to finally eat outside of the hotel! To ensure our health and potential food poisoning, the team had made it a point to keep everyone eating mainly hotel food day in and day out. Of course my attention span could not keep up so I also spent a lot of nights with bread and ramen. =D

This last night was a real treat as we headed to a very traditional Uzbek restaurant where they introduced us to their five course meals.

Apparently Uzbekis enjoy filling the table with food to show their hospitality and friendship. A lot of fruit and bread were summoned first.

They are very keen on meats as well and really exhibited beautiful displays of variety.

Next was the introduction of their national salad - onions, tomatoes, and olive oil? Soon after they brought their beef soup, again no pictures =/ Then their national pie...which I found was more like a dumpling.

The picture is deceiving...this "pie" is much larger in person.

Afterward was the beef kabobs and finally another array of fruits. We were stuffed to the brim and soon realized it was late late so we had to head back. As we boarded the bus, our team manager announced that the owner of the restaurant had decided to give the meal to us as a gift, free of charge! These people are so kind and welcoming, we had to thank him with a loud round of applause.

I will continue to recap more as the days go by but daily life for now will just be school, school, tkd, school. Aren't you jealous?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodbye Tashkent

Last day of our stay and we are happy to leave on a great note. Of course I will update with more pictures after I return to the States but for now, here is a view outside our window.

It has been wonderful and made even more so with our delightful translators. The people here are so friendly and hospitable but yes they definitely do stare blankly at us when we first walk into the room.

At first we found this odd since possibly 40%-45% of the people here are asian but I suppose it is our American clothing- ie. slouchy, baggy, flip flop, and tshirts - that gives us away as tourists.

The majority of our team flew out of here at 4am this morning and so the rest of us spent the day in our own bus sight seeing. Pictures will come later!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, Uzbekistan. Thank you for the wonderful time, you will be missed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's way past my bedtime

I tried to stay up long enough to post something good but it's taking too long and I am way too tired. We woke up to my stupid alarm being stupid at 5am and then went back to sleep for an hour. At least I tried to...not so successful.

The tournament experience was wonderful. My sisters and I went into this tournament knowing very well that we could not compete with all these great athletes yet. Our four months of actual training brought us far but this tournament definitely brought us further.

What I learned about the USA team was this:

We come to this Worlds Poomsae Championships not to win but to learn. Of course winning is good. Winning is a great bonus to hard work. But it is the journey that really brings it home. (that sounded funny)

We found countries that were amazing in their talents but we could also see the great difference in focus. On one hand you find the countries that make these competitions their lives and have the competitors training nonstop. I approached one in particular who told me (we came on the same flight) that her team and her have not seen a bit of Uzbekistan. They spent the entire time training and have not even begun to enjoy their trip. I just saw them practice all day every day and when people approached them for pictures one member said his coach would not allow it until the tournament was over.

I must say that this type of intensity is not my cup of tea. Does it get results? Yes of course. But is it actually fun? Hmm

My philosophy is that if you are going to dedicate time and energy into doing something, make sure it is something you love. Make sure you enjoy every aspect of it for otherwise it is not worth your time. Competition should motivate us to make us improve but the real competitor will always be yourself.

I am glad that my sisters and I have never been one of those super serious competitors who spend all day and night practicing. That sort of goal will never be my own. I admire those who push for it but seeing them sitting within their own team whilst every other country is walking around meeting each other is a bit heartbreaking.

I know this whole post is here and there but I just have jumbled sleepy thoughts and they need some sort of outlet. I'll end with this-

Master told us before we walked into the ring that we are unlike all the other competitors because we truly were family. And we will always have a special connection that no one else has so we must show it. I think despite the mistakes we really put ourselves out there and enjoyed ourselves. I remember at the end of the last Koryo move we turned around to face the judges and awaited our scores. I could hear our faithfully supportive team chanting USA behind me and I could feel my sisters' presence around me. I just smiled.

I just stood there and smiled. Want to take another point off? I don't give a damn =D

Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's done for the day. "Donzos Repunzels" according to Olivia's friend.

We came downstairs to find that our interpreter, Nika, had worn these fabulous shoes!


Another long day of tournamenting and I am glad this one is finally over!

I was in competition and warm ups all day so I could not photograph much. Here are a few pictures the other two took!

Nika (our interpreter), Olivia, and Sarang (our Belgium friend)

Here are a few with the local kids

My partner, Alex, and I finished with the Semi-Finals and though I am sure we have many things we would have wanted to change, the performance was a great success as a whole. I think we did our best and of course in terms of competing against the best of the best, it was pretty cool.

I have my last competition tomorrow and I will be sure to try to enjoy every moment of it. Funny enough, today's entire process was not very nerve-wracking. I felt good for the most part and minus some anxiousness to get out there and do my thing, I liked being surrounded by 62 other countries during warm ups.

I think this experience has really allowed me to grow as a competitor and I wish to always improve. The question is will I have the opportunity or motivation to do this again? I really don't know. And I honestly don't want to know, I don't want to commit to anything. I want to always live in the moment and enjoy the ride =)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Day one of competition- I am exhausted.

This one's going to be a shorty because my eyes can barely stay open.

It was our first experience at Worlds and after exiting the bus, we found this interesting building with many many Uzbek students standing outside the gates with curious eyes.

We were pleasantly surprised to see such a fun colorful interior set up. Many color variations with three large formal poomsae mats in the middle.

What are these by the way?

We spent some time walking around gathering pins (picture of that tomorrow!) and took a second to pose for someone else's camera. Hmph.

We met some local people...many local people I should say.

And we got to meet many different countries. It was as though we were ambassadors representing our countries to other people. Some were very kind, some were shy and quiet, some were not fluent in English, and some were pondering whether or not our lives reflected what they saw on the OC.

As the day neared its end, the much anticipated Opening Ceremony took place with fantastic (and long) performances. And a few of us have the chance to stand as representatives of our country and networked with more people.

Overall it was an awesome day. Unfortunately it was so incredibly draining so I will cut this short and hopefully get more in tomorrow. Probably not though...

"U! *clap clap clap* S! *clap clap clap* A! *clap clap clap* USA!!"


"Give me a U! U! You got that U, you got that U!
Give me a S! S! You got that S, you got that S!
Give me an A! A! You got that A, you got that A!
What does that spell?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 3 of Uzbekistan

Look what the amazing Natalie made for every member of the team! It's beautiful AND highly detailed, we basically wore it to every team event today =D

We had our usual morning practice and I could feel that today was much better than yesterday. More progression was made and less tension so I could actually relax and enjoy the practice.

I am really glad that we have this team, everyone is so kind and supportive. It is an endearing environment to foster mental growth.

After practice we returned to the hotel where I found some time to do actual homework. And of course, the frustration does not alter around the world. Also, I must remember to bring back a rock for May.

When 2:30 rolled around we all headed to the first floor meeting room where we had a very entertaining introduction to Uzbek culture from the US Embassy.

not here, that's actually Mr. Machado

The group that came gave us great insight into the culture and to answer the main question is everyone's mind, no the country is not prejudice against Americans. In fact, they are very interested in American culture and are often very welcoming and friendly. When we asked our translators if they have visited the States their answers were, "no but it is my dream!" =)

Women here are not wearing any coverings (sorry I have forgotten the name) and actually everyone is dressed very much like they do at home, except more conservatively. Again, it is a very modern city and apparently frown on creating a religious based government.

Anyway, after the meeting came a few pictures but I only have two goofy ones.

Later on in the day we traveled to the local mall and did some souvenir shopping for the families!

And then we created an appropriate family portrait.

Can you guess which is the man and which is the woman?

Neither can I...

Then there was Odona

She looks almost 2D here. We just completed our second practice of the night and we are just completely exhausted. Tomorrow is the first day of tournament(ing)! I need sleep so that I can go there and cheer my heart out! Not literally.