Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today did not aPEASe me

Hehehe, are you sick of my puns yet?

I finally got to talk to the guest critiques after a four hour wait. I was beginning to get a bit stuck in my design and needed to talk to someone with practicality and a realistic sense of design.

Someone got bored

And some other ones were relaxed

After that talk we had another guest come in to discuss her professional career. She finished with our program, worked in a couple of firms, and opened her own business with her husband in five years. Amazing.

One thing that really resonated from her was having the ability to take criticism and learning to improve from it.

I honestly have such a difficult time hearing criticism and learning to not take it personally. It has always been a struggle in life but of course it gets better with more encounters. I think I can truly consider myself grown up when I can finally learn to learn.

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  1. You have such a wonderful attitude about learning, so I’m sorry to deliver to you some potentially upsetting news for you on the critique tip. Here you are at school getting a bunch of (mostly) constructive criticism from your classmates and professors. Sure, you respect their opinions because they are here studying the same things you are and are actually knowledgeable. While this might not apply to your field as the nature of our industries are different, it will be a completely different experience when someone with absolutely no design background comes forward giving you their “not necessarily best-practice” opinions... Opinions and beliefs that completely contradict certain principles that you've learned or have grown to believe and trust as a designer. But of course these things all come slowly and you'll see that aspect for yourself .. soon enough ;) Even to this day there are challenges in the work place that make me want to smash my (or someone else’s) head into a wall. I don’t see a clear end to that anytime in ... this LIFETIME! So things that you firmly believe in.. sure you will sometimes have to appease your client but stand firm in at least SOME of those things ;)