Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday and Friday Recap

Remnants of my lunch with Meng

Thursdays are hard to recapture because of the nothingness that consumes the day followed by the busy traffic chaos in the evening. Basically nothing much happened.

My typical Thursday this semester will go as following:
10:00am - wake up
10:30 - Meng arrives and I drop her and Odona off at school
12:15 - pick up Meng for lunch!
2:00ish - return and try to be productive in some way
5:00 - pick up Jeanne and Fro
5:30 - go home and sit through traffic for about an hour
6:45 - exhausted and at home
7:30 - dinner
9:00 - hang out with Jimmy
11:00 - return home, shower, and sleep

See? Boring to post about! So don't mind me if I end up skipping almost every Thursday this semester =X

Onto Friday!

Frodona and I got up and literally flew to the studio! Actually not really because Frodo was driving took a bit.

Anyway, after a long discussion on all the technical details of our forms we finished without breaking a sweat (odd) and left to Ledo Cafe to have lunch with our mama and papa.

I cannot remember the last time we had lunch during the weekday, my parents are often quite busy and do not always find the opportunity for all of us to eat together (minus Olivia of course)

Lunch was a palette of mediocre-ness though so we returned home and found some friends joining us for the rest of the afternoon.

I am quite lost with my direction in my design at the moment. Even an hour of scribbling in Starbucks did not help much. I think it may take a bit for this one to get the ball rolling. Darn.

Practice was fun tonight and we ended the night with a slow serviced dinner at Applebees. Oh the joys of restaurants that open late. I really appreciate them =)

We just uncovered some oldie cameras that my dad used to use as a youngin and it's so exciting to unearth such treasures!

He does not find it to be interesting at all but finds enjoyment in our overexcitement. I hope we can get these to work smoothly!

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  1. i was just gonna ask "where's thru's update?" lol.