Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is a bit chaotic

So by now we have all realized my inability to update as frequently while being at home. Not only for the sheer reason that my internet connection is crap.

I spent about 2 minutes opening each page and it is a bit crazy. So hopefully this post will go through.

I think I will just start doing Weekend Updates whenever possible and just focus on updating daily through the weekdays while I am still in LB. Argh you, internet!

Ok Saturday and Sunday have collectively been focused around trying to figure out ways to develop my design concept for this terminal. So far it is still a bit scattered but I think I will there soon. Space planning tonight.

Yesterday was a busy teaching day as we started out with thirteen students and ended with six. The few who left was granted only half the class as they are here for their Free Two Week Trial. It was a breathless attempt as there were two 5 year olds, one 6 year old, one autistic child, one student who could not communicate in English well, plus all the 8-10 year olds who had waaayyy too much energy. Whew!

This morning was all about practicing the details of our forms. My goodness what a workout. Quickly afterward I joined JimJeans at their new place but not to help paint, being the helpful hero I am, instead I just hung around trying to read and develop more ideas on my project.

And here I am now! Trying to figure out what happened to the internet. Perhaps it's a sign.

*pictures to be added later

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  1. opheeeee, my turn now... im stuck on the terminal :(
    and im sick... > <