Thursday, September 23, 2010

There are those days. You know those days - where you will be having the shittiest of shitty days and then someone unknowingly comes in with that magic medicine and makes it all better.


I had a regular day today. One where almost everything followed the usual schedule almost to a T. Why is that the expression by the way?

We spent a few hours trying to wrap up our final questions for each other for our project. Then I picked up the kids from school. It seemed all the same.

I drove through the 605 fwy seamlessly since traffic was not all that bad. Then I switched out of the carpool lane as the 60 fwy was approaching. Right after I switched into the second to last lane I noticed the giant big rig next to me was carelessly swerving into my lane. I could see the head of the truck trying to make contact with my measly Corolla. I reacted so quickly. I swerved and braked at the same time causing the car in the lane on my left to screech its brakes and honk furiously. It all happened really quickly.

No one got hurt and no one needed to come to a complete stop. Luckily my instincts kicked in. I swerved so automatically and sped up so quickly that I could barely grasp what I was doing.

As I drove away I realized just how close I had come to having a major collision. I don't know what was up with that big rig on my right. Perhaps he did not see my car right next to him. Perhaps he was distracted. Perhaps he could have seriously hurt Odona, Jeanne, and I.

But the underlying fact is that this didn't happen. We're safe and sound. And I'm grateful. It is events like this that remind me to appreciate life. And yes, it's corny but you all should too. =)

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  1. gee... drive safe! i still wanna graduate w/ you!