Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer's Last Beach Day

It started out beautifully... the sun was shining, the birds were singing and what do we see when we arrived at the beach?! CLOUDS!

We spent a good portion of the morning huddled up like those adorable seals on the rocks. Except we just looked like blobs of human flesh. Ew...sorry for that. =D

Anyway, the clouds finally parted by 2pm and there was a sliver of hope for some good ole boogie boarding. However, the winds took that as a sign to sing their hearts out and wooshed endlessly for hours!

We finally bit the bullet and hit the icy waves

It was most definitely a beautiful day but the winds were too unforgiving for all of us fully enjoy the trip. I am still grateful for having the opportunity to go and I was so happy to finish the night with some Islands Hawaiian-ness. =D

On a different note-
...My mom just asked my dad why his tummy was so bulgy and he said he was pregnant. Sigh, parents.

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