Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleep deprived and still going

I have taken a few small naps here and there and now I am able to function. Somewhat.

Hello world! Hello to the sunrise that I am no longer foreign to. Hello to the surprise sprinklers whose presence I was unaware of till now. Hello to that stupid spider that continues to slyly make guest appearances throughout my room. Hello.

My project is now 90% over and all that is left is the presentation part. Although I am not all that confident with my presentation I am really kicking myself on all those pesky small details of my final board. Sigh, isn't it always like that?

**Sorry, I'm trying to upload the image but it's my 12th time and it still is not working. Perhaps I can take a pic of the overall board tomorrow

I am not really ashamed of any of the drawings though I know I could do better. This one took the most time...although it does not look very impressive here

Anyway, I am ready to get this project over with! My overall statement will be:

I focused on the correlation of the state of mind when in the air and on the ground. Ultimately I found inspiration through creating a space that mimics the notion of floating.

Hopefully that works out. Anyway, I am here in my room just staring at all the junk that still needs to be put away.

As a part of my relaxation ritual, I am going to try these Earth Therapeutics Eye Pads

I'm still full from dinner so sleeping does not sound comfortable yet. Not yet.

Oh wait, there I go.

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