Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOW we're done!

We made it through! And now the resting.

This project was a bit difficult for me in the beginning and I honestly do not know why. Anyway, as I was trying to redefine my concept before my presentation, the wheels started clicking and I finally began to rationally trace where my inspirations came from, what my focus has been, and how I created what I created.

Apparently (unknowingly) I had been looking mainly at French retail spaces and hotel spaces, specifically stores like the Lanvin one in Paris. Which then lead me to create open spaces with spotlighted features such as my furniture and weight-less walls. In essence I created somewhat of a heightened showroom lounge. ODD combination, yes?

Anyway, I really could not for the life of me upload a picture of my overall board but luckily my classmate, Josh captured a few random moments and happened to get this beautiful picture.

My hands are always doing something odd when I present.

With all our projects this semester we are given programs by the companies who have completed the projects themselves. And with this particular project, Le Bourget Aiport in Paris, we had the pleasure of learning through Tammy Edmonds Design.

...oh and Michael Douglas, otherwise known as Steven.

We traveled to Factory Place in Downtown and met up in a renovated loft space where we were given two tables and an array of lovely snacks.

courtesy of Meng

We took turns to go up there and present our overall concept for the space. Then Tammy and Steven would offer their constructive criticism.

courtesy of Meng again!

FIVE hours later we were done and giving sighs of relief. I guess that is that.

My friends and I did figure out through our discussions that we all do essentially have our own styles and preferences that radiate from one project to another. And the fact that you can look at a board and be able to identify the creator is pretty cool. I think it is a good thing in my opinion because you can look at a space and see yourself in it. Hmm...

I think I need to take a break and sleep soon heheh

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