Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Back Says Ouch

I woke up today with intense pain in my lower back toward the tailbone. I feel like there is a giant achy bruise that is not letting me walk, trot, or dance properly.

Hmph to you, tailbone.

This made it quite difficult to practice today, actually it made it extremely difficult to walk properly. And even more painful to walk up/down stairs, sit down, or even cough. Boo.

Well, we spent most of the day with Band Hero again! I believe my other calling in life has now changed to becoming a drummer. Err.. only a drummer in medium difficulty though. Let me know if you need another addition to your band! =D

May came by today to get some help from our resident IT, A2, and in between waiting for the programs to upload, we tried to take a little trip to Quickly. My goodness I could not walk well!

May and I walking to get boba

I believe that was the bulk of my day. Pain, pain, Band Hero, pain, boba, Target, pain, Band Hero.

I need to get on going with my project and start actually putting information on paper for our Pin Up on Wednesday's class.

Ok so I keep mentioning this project that I am not properly explaining so here it goes:

We are designing an airport terminal in Le Bourget Airport, Paris France. This particular terminal is one for business aviation - private and commercial for businessmen, diplomats, celebrities, etc...

There is a proposed program that calls for Customer Service Representatives, seating, private lounges, restrooms (hmm is this really necessary?), bistro, and many more details.

They are asking us to construct an interior design that integrates the exterior while maintaining the functionality.

I'll try to keep you all posted with my progress!

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