Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Still Tues!

I just realized how many times I've used that type of title for my tardy posts.

Today was a work day which began with me dropping the kids (one 23 year old and one 18 year old) off at school and then proceeded with me making another trip to Target.

Target has become one of my go-to-for-all-things-needed store yet every time I set foot into a store I instantly forget 50% of the things I had set out to get. It is a gift, it is a curse.

I picked up Meng around noon and headed off to lunch. Two crepes later we returned home to start on our headache. My progress was slow slow slooooowwwww

I finally managed to finish my floor plan but have not completely created my solid concept yet. Isn't that odd? I do not typically work backward like this but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meng left around 5pm and May arrived around 6:30pm. What are the chances that M&M would do the old switcheroo?

I am mentally drained and have decided that the conclusion of my space planning tonight would equal the conclusion of my focus on work for the day. So I have returned to the comfort of my room, which by the way I have decided to not do much work in so that I may preserve this "relaxed" motif, and I am ready to dedicate the rest of the night to cleaning up my littered bed and reading the necessary (Girls of Riyadh) and unnecessary literature (Vogue...though it IS kind of necessary)

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