Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I finally found frames that fit my lovely little posters. These cheapie frames were $8 from Big Lots and I was more than happy to pick them up.

After a few rearrangements I finally have clothed my naked posters! Eiffel Tower and Audrey could not look better!

Now where to put these? Hm...

Today was the first day where we had our full four hour class. And then followed that up with another two hour class. Oh the joys of studio.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the little things I need to do outside of my design work. One of which is organizing class information and creating large emails to keep everyone updated.

Also you can see I took the plunge and bought a huge box of cheese balls from Target. You should have seen everyone who made their way to our cubicle to try to catch those little things in their mouths. Has anyone seen that one episode of The Office?

Anyway, I need to take a break and unwind a bit before showering and immersing myself into homework....well, we'll see if I get to the homework =D

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