Monday, September 6, 2010

Good thing there's Labor Day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE!

Aww man, Sunday is over. Back to scho---wait! No, school tomorrow! It's Labor Day weekend! Woot woot!

...what do people usually do for labor day anyway?

My Sunday started out with the typical and ended with the atypical.

We woke at 9am to prepare for tkd practice that was scheduled for 10am - 11:30am. Though we only missed about a week of daily training, I could already feel a bit off in my rhythm. Gahh

After practice we headed back home to replenish our fluids and carbo-load because today on Ms Jeanne's birthday we were going to...paint their house! Woot woot!

(as I type this it is 3am and Odona just rammed against something in the restroom. I heard her quickly turn and whisper, "shhhh" ....who is she talking to? The counter? Anyhow, back to my entry!)

Jeanne turns 19 today! Aww I remember when she was still an ity bity little thing with baggy sweatpants and a big ole smile. And now look at her! All grown up!


After the painting bonanza, I headed back home to have dinner with G-Ma at the infamous Zen Buffet. Turns out they improved their options and though they are by no means any favorite of mine, I found it to be okay.

G-Ma enjoyed herself today with the varieties of sushi, cooked fish, and veggies. She even started giving Odo tips on how to sneak buns out of the restaurant! Shhhh...

Four small plates with dessert to top it off and we were on our way home. Since Jeanne's birthday was still in session, we asked for a ride to their loverly home and played Band Hero for hours.

Never have I gained and lost so much respect for these people.

So now it's 3am and I just washed my hair after the long random day of activities but I want to end the post by saying, JEANNE IS NOW 19! Happy birthday, Lady! We've been through so much together -at least 24 inches of hair!- and well... it keeps growing =)

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