Friday, September 3, 2010

Forgiveness Please


heheh, I missed yesterday so sorry sorry =/ So here is how yesterday went:

12pm: meeting with the current Junior class to discuss necessary information for their upcoming year. I believe we scared them a bit with all the information given =X

1pm: lunch with classmates at Holey Moley!

3pm: spending Me Time with myself

5pm: pick up the others

6pm: head home

7pm: arrive home...gahhhhh

7:30pm: napped and woke up very groggy

9:10pm: head to Jimmy's to play Band Hero (previously known as Rock Band) my drummer name is Axel!

2:30am: night is done.

So you see how boring that was! Heheh, onto today!

I had one of those Jump Out Of Bed And Rush Out moments today and my goodness it always feel awful to wake up that way.

I remember watching an episode of Mythbusters where they confirmed that driving while drunk was almost the same as driving while talking on the phone. Well, every time I drive after taking a nap I feel like I am drunk! You should all be fully awake before taking the road kids!

Well I had to make a trip down to Old Town to use my much appreciated Blick 30% off coupon which I then decided to spend on a large roll of trace paper. =)

While I walked down the aisles of stuff, I came across something awful...

Look what monstrosity I found!!!

Anyway, since we were already in the vicinity, we decided to walk the extra block toward the Container Store where we amused ourselves with many variations of boxes, containers, and box containers.

One basket in particular was very interesting as they made good use out of recycled old newspapers.

Why Chinese newspapers specifically I wonder...

That is all for today. I will try my best not to forget writing again- I'm not fully back from summer "vacation" yet. But I did manage to find time for researching my first Studio project! More details later since I'm too lazy to add on for now =P

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