Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Field Trip!

I know what you are thinking, another field trip? Don't these guys do any work?

Yes, Mr./Ms. Rude, we do work and we were actually going to the designer's office to be introduced to our first project!

Driving down to downtown is always an incredible pleasure. With a mere 22 miles and 30 minute drive through thick and reckless drivers we arrived at Factory Place.


This was a very interesting location as many of the design world is very focused on the renovation of unused structures to create new habitats. This area in particular took many unused factories that have been neglected for over thirty years and redesigned each space to create residential homes and business offices.

I am very in interested with this idea of recycling buildings because of the blend of historic and current cultures we find ourselves in a new era of design.

Our class's introduction to this project of designing a Paris airport went by quickly and was pleasantly held by extremely kind people. Laughter and kindness is always appreciated.

After the program of this project was given we took a short tour around the building and found some amazing leftover architecture from past factories.

Very fun to see a garage door exposing a kitchen and living room. And yes, that dog in the corner IS real!

We came back to our beautiful (sarcasm) studio and finished up the day with class #2 where we were introduced to resume building and interview conduct. Whew, pretty tired.

Someone (MS) finished setting up her cubicle, now I must get cracking on my own!

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  1. hey, u didn't update yesterday (thursday). it's not a "everyday of the semester" update anymore! fail! lol.