Monday, September 20, 2010

Epic Story.

Nearly three straight hours of AutoCad. I want a break. So I am making this masterpiece:

An epic tale dedicated to a banana named Anna. And a mo-livia named Olivia.

This is a story of a foot.

A Foot that accomplished a great feat.

A foot that could not heel its wounds till it fought its great arch enemy.

It traveled toe and from. Through blistering heat and callous conditions.

Until finally it found Achilles and the battle began. One wrong step and the match would be lost.

A kick there, a spin here, and suddenly BAM!

The Foot stepped on its ball and the game was over.

The enemy shadowed over Foot's mortal form and threatened to shoe him away.

"Caution, Foot. You are no match for me. You are flat, discomfort will ensue."

Foot had no choice but to shuffle away.

Someday it will return and it will strengthen its support.

Till then this tale will halt and resume another day. For this Foot still has a lot to say.

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