Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day in Pictures

Oddly enough on my day "off" (from school at least) I felt like there was so much to do. Anyway, after an initial scare with department issues, I had to swipe the Frodo from school and rush back home.

The second we enter the freeway we found this!

It was long and arduous but even more horrible when we finally found the accident. =X
I hope that the people involved were okay.

We finally made it back home around 6 - 6:30 and found this guy

Changing into our uniforms/super hero gear, we posed for our super hero picture

Headed off to Temple City City Hall to sit in on their city council meeting. Very official.

Only to have it topped off with my dad's cell phone abruptly going off in the very beginning!

The mayor honored our achievements with certificates of recognition. I had to give a mini description of our event and very mini indeed!

Then we all got together and posed for a quick snap shot before they began to actually talk about things that really mattered.

We ended the day with pho and laughter. I love my parents for always being there. I want to be that person someday.

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