Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOW we're done!

We made it through! And now the resting.

This project was a bit difficult for me in the beginning and I honestly do not know why. Anyway, as I was trying to redefine my concept before my presentation, the wheels started clicking and I finally began to rationally trace where my inspirations came from, what my focus has been, and how I created what I created.

Apparently (unknowingly) I had been looking mainly at French retail spaces and hotel spaces, specifically stores like the Lanvin one in Paris. Which then lead me to create open spaces with spotlighted features such as my furniture and weight-less walls. In essence I created somewhat of a heightened showroom lounge. ODD combination, yes?

Anyway, I really could not for the life of me upload a picture of my overall board but luckily my classmate, Josh captured a few random moments and happened to get this beautiful picture.

My hands are always doing something odd when I present.

With all our projects this semester we are given programs by the companies who have completed the projects themselves. And with this particular project, Le Bourget Aiport in Paris, we had the pleasure of learning through Tammy Edmonds Design.

...oh and Michael Douglas, otherwise known as Steven.

We traveled to Factory Place in Downtown and met up in a renovated loft space where we were given two tables and an array of lovely snacks.

courtesy of Meng

We took turns to go up there and present our overall concept for the space. Then Tammy and Steven would offer their constructive criticism.

courtesy of Meng again!

FIVE hours later we were done and giving sighs of relief. I guess that is that.

My friends and I did figure out through our discussions that we all do essentially have our own styles and preferences that radiate from one project to another. And the fact that you can look at a board and be able to identify the creator is pretty cool. I think it is a good thing in my opinion because you can look at a space and see yourself in it. Hmm...

I think I need to take a break and sleep soon heheh

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleep deprived and still going

I have taken a few small naps here and there and now I am able to function. Somewhat.

Hello world! Hello to the sunrise that I am no longer foreign to. Hello to the surprise sprinklers whose presence I was unaware of till now. Hello to that stupid spider that continues to slyly make guest appearances throughout my room. Hello.

My project is now 90% over and all that is left is the presentation part. Although I am not all that confident with my presentation I am really kicking myself on all those pesky small details of my final board. Sigh, isn't it always like that?

**Sorry, I'm trying to upload the image but it's my 12th time and it still is not working. Perhaps I can take a pic of the overall board tomorrow

I am not really ashamed of any of the drawings though I know I could do better. This one took the most time...although it does not look very impressive here

Anyway, I am ready to get this project over with! My overall statement will be:

I focused on the correlation of the state of mind when in the air and on the ground. Ultimately I found inspiration through creating a space that mimics the notion of floating.

Hopefully that works out. Anyway, I am here in my room just staring at all the junk that still needs to be put away.

As a part of my relaxation ritual, I am going to try these Earth Therapeutics Eye Pads

I'm still full from dinner so sleeping does not sound comfortable yet. Not yet.

Oh wait, there I go.

I'm bacckkkk


Yes I know I was on a mini-hiatus with this first project consuming my weekend. The business aviation terminal in Paris is due tomorrow on Wednesday and I just finished at 7:40am. It's been a loooong weekend which compliments my loooong tracing paper

From Thursday night till Sunday night I left the house twice. Both times to walk down the block to buy boba with Jimmy. Sighh how house arrest stinks.

Though...I guess it wasn't THAT bad since I had good company

First all-nighter of the semester and this is the outcome.

Neglect and chaos. Of course there will be more to come with every project.

I will definitely post pictures of my final work but at a later time. For now I will enjoy wasting some time till we officially print.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

There are those days. You know those days - where you will be having the shittiest of shitty days and then someone unknowingly comes in with that magic medicine and makes it all better.


I had a regular day today. One where almost everything followed the usual schedule almost to a T. Why is that the expression by the way?

We spent a few hours trying to wrap up our final questions for each other for our project. Then I picked up the kids from school. It seemed all the same.

I drove through the 605 fwy seamlessly since traffic was not all that bad. Then I switched out of the carpool lane as the 60 fwy was approaching. Right after I switched into the second to last lane I noticed the giant big rig next to me was carelessly swerving into my lane. I could see the head of the truck trying to make contact with my measly Corolla. I reacted so quickly. I swerved and braked at the same time causing the car in the lane on my left to screech its brakes and honk furiously. It all happened really quickly.

No one got hurt and no one needed to come to a complete stop. Luckily my instincts kicked in. I swerved so automatically and sped up so quickly that I could barely grasp what I was doing.

As I drove away I realized just how close I had come to having a major collision. I don't know what was up with that big rig on my right. Perhaps he did not see my car right next to him. Perhaps he was distracted. Perhaps he could have seriously hurt Odona, Jeanne, and I.

But the underlying fact is that this didn't happen. We're safe and sound. And I'm grateful. It is events like this that remind me to appreciate life. And yes, it's corny but you all should too. =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today did not aPEASe me

Hehehe, are you sick of my puns yet?

I finally got to talk to the guest critiques after a four hour wait. I was beginning to get a bit stuck in my design and needed to talk to someone with practicality and a realistic sense of design.

Someone got bored

And some other ones were relaxed

After that talk we had another guest come in to discuss her professional career. She finished with our program, worked in a couple of firms, and opened her own business with her husband in five years. Amazing.

One thing that really resonated from her was having the ability to take criticism and learning to improve from it.

I honestly have such a difficult time hearing criticism and learning to not take it personally. It has always been a struggle in life but of course it gets better with more encounters. I think I can truly consider myself grown up when I can finally learn to learn.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day in Pictures

Oddly enough on my day "off" (from school at least) I felt like there was so much to do. Anyway, after an initial scare with department issues, I had to swipe the Frodo from school and rush back home.

The second we enter the freeway we found this!

It was long and arduous but even more horrible when we finally found the accident. =X
I hope that the people involved were okay.

We finally made it back home around 6 - 6:30 and found this guy

Changing into our uniforms/super hero gear, we posed for our super hero picture

Headed off to Temple City City Hall to sit in on their city council meeting. Very official.

Only to have it topped off with my dad's cell phone abruptly going off in the very beginning!

The mayor honored our achievements with certificates of recognition. I had to give a mini description of our event and very mini indeed!

Then we all got together and posed for a quick snap shot before they began to actually talk about things that really mattered.

We ended the day with pho and laughter. I love my parents for always being there. I want to be that person someday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Epic Story.

Nearly three straight hours of AutoCad. I want a break. So I am making this masterpiece:

An epic tale dedicated to a banana named Anna. And a mo-livia named Olivia.

This is a story of a foot.

A Foot that accomplished a great feat.

A foot that could not heel its wounds till it fought its great arch enemy.

It traveled toe and from. Through blistering heat and callous conditions.

Until finally it found Achilles and the battle began. One wrong step and the match would be lost.

A kick there, a spin here, and suddenly BAM!

The Foot stepped on its ball and the game was over.

The enemy shadowed over Foot's mortal form and threatened to shoe him away.

"Caution, Foot. You are no match for me. You are flat, discomfort will ensue."

Foot had no choice but to shuffle away.

Someday it will return and it will strengthen its support.

Till then this tale will halt and resume another day. For this Foot still has a lot to say.


Cannot flip this picture for some reason...well I probably will later b/c it's really bothering me

Happy Monday everyone! No, that was not sarcasm, I meant it!

I am actually feeling a lot better with school today because it was a lot less stressful than last week but of course there is still much to do. We had our usual class and then spent the follow two hours cleaning up our studio! No pictures from that craziness since all of us were busy and dirty trying to clean up the past 5-10 years of accumulated junk.

Which reminds me to go clean out my rooms and closets and boxes and ...everything! It is good to routinely go through easily neglected things because you will find that de-cluttering feels really good!

We ended the night with thai food and some Jamba Juice. I had the red gummy and mmm my stomach hates me for filling it up so much.

My project progress? Well, I am still using the concept of floating and will try to think of more unique ways of expressing it but just basically space planning for now. I've done and redone and removed and re-edited my spaces again and again. Fifty-sixth time's the charm!

Looking forward to being away from the studio tomorrow. I miss spending daylight away from homework though. Ah well, this project is due in two weeks. Stay put, sunshine, I'll be back in two weeks.

US Team Training

I was prepared, or I thought I was prepared. I spent almost my entire Saturday trying to hammer out the details of my project because I knew I would not be able to get much done today. But oh man...was not prepared. Hehehe, sick of me being a drama queen yet?

Let's start from the beginning.

I woke up at 9am this morning and have you ever felt like you ran a marathon in your sleep? Because I felt that way when I got up. Aches and pains but no real reason as to why.

We got to the studio and soon enough people began to trickle in from all over. I heard a lot of people who were around the area like Huntington Beach and Laguna Nigel but then I also found out a lot of people up north drove down. One guy (some former FBI????) flew in from Sacramento this morning and another lady flew in from Boston. Wow the dedication. And I complain about getting up at 9am.

Training was tough and so physically draining. It takes a lot of mental strength to take what you have learned, toss it aside to absorb the new information and then to combine your experience and discipline to put it together. Can you imagine the frustration to find that the thing you have learned to do for the past ten years is now changed? Ugh is all I can say.

But we learned a lot today and though the six hours did not fly by I still enjoyed it. And we made some new friends =)

images courtesy of Alex Twu via Facebook

Am I excited yet? Hmm no not yet. Am I ready? Hmm no not yet either. Am I ready to be excited? Hmm...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angry Skies Near LAX?

Homework day homework day - not a song, just a complaint.

I woke up and walked straight to the desk to keep trying to work out my project. Not much progress to be honest. Me thinks I shall just finish my floor plan and move onto the sections to figure out the rest. Hopefully at least.

Odona agreed to buy lunch today and thus began the rest of our afternoon in front of the tv. I worked out different angles and positions to draw out my thoughts: one leg on the couch and one on the ground, lying on my stomach, crossed legs, bridge...

Later in the day we headed off to our favorite place - LAX! And the oddest thing happened, as I drove towards the airport threatening skies began to darken and cloud over.

Was that a sign to not pick up Olivia? Hmm....

But then how could this picture have happened?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Eep 12 am, "just missed it by that much." If you can guess where that quote is from then you get ten bonus points.

Sorry today is yet another stressful day (it's becoming a habit?!) with so many different signatures to hand over and then being halted by another issue. This is more than I anticipated.

I left LB at 6:10pm and finally got back around 7 for some delicious Boston Market. I was in dire need of a bit of a getaway. So I called my trusty smelly Jimbo the Bimbo and we spent the rest of the night watching Wipeout, Grey's Anatomy (until it got stupid quick), and Seinfeld. I honestly never really understood that show but parts of it are pretty funny.

I would like the take this chance to congratulate May on her new relationship - I cannot do this in person seriously because she blushes a shade of red unknown to mankind. And I offer this perspective. Relationships are all a learning process. You begin innocently enough until you feel comfortable enough to reveal how you really are. You can be sarcastic, blunt, happy, angry, silly, or whatever and the other person should learn to love you for it.

As time goes by you become like this:


I am going to lamely end with:

If you are so very willing to take on a title then you need to take on all the responsibilities that come with it. Do not promise what you cannot do. I am having a bit of trouble with people who's eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just cannot stop sighing today, it's been a really rough day. But I'm glad it's over.

Instead of discussing the bulk of my day (and perhaps reminding myself of the stress) I am going to just talk about my design progress.

I met with our professor today to refine my concept and if you recall from my previous pictured floor plan, I had basically installed a clear runway path to lead from point A to point B. The rest of the terminal was dedicated to simple space planning with many questionable methods of communicating my concept.

Most difficult part of this entire part was refining my concept to a point where I can even understand it. Good thing my discussion with the professor was helpful today.

I am basically going to: develop a space that ties the connection between land and air. To compare and contrast the essence of being grounded and to hover in air. I am utilizing the airport runway to conceptually and physically organize the space.

Not in those words exactly but you get the point. Right?

Anyway, I was Googling images for inspiration and found this amazing prototype by Kamil Kurka.

Simply beautiful. I feel like this lounge chair was what inspired me to take this design to this direction. Hopefully I can properly implement it into my design.

It's Still Tues!

I just realized how many times I've used that type of title for my tardy posts.

Today was a work day which began with me dropping the kids (one 23 year old and one 18 year old) off at school and then proceeded with me making another trip to Target.

Target has become one of my go-to-for-all-things-needed store yet every time I set foot into a store I instantly forget 50% of the things I had set out to get. It is a gift, it is a curse.

I picked up Meng around noon and headed off to lunch. Two crepes later we returned home to start on our headache. My progress was slow slow slooooowwwww

I finally managed to finish my floor plan but have not completely created my solid concept yet. Isn't that odd? I do not typically work backward like this but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meng left around 5pm and May arrived around 6:30pm. What are the chances that M&M would do the old switcheroo?

I am mentally drained and have decided that the conclusion of my space planning tonight would equal the conclusion of my focus on work for the day. So I have returned to the comfort of my room, which by the way I have decided to not do much work in so that I may preserve this "relaxed" motif, and I am ready to dedicate the rest of the night to cleaning up my littered bed and reading the necessary (Girls of Riyadh) and unnecessary literature (Vogue...though it IS kind of necessary)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Blues

Why oh why do you have to be like that, Monday? It has been so busy and chaotic and hectic and crazy and anything else that is related to the word busy.

I spent the morning in meetings both big and small and then proceeded to sit through a very unproductive four hour class. Then came another meeting that caused many frowns and then our last class. Yeesshh

On top of all this I have not created a clear defined concept that is satisfying yet.. boo. Better hopes for tomorrow

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ahh back in the world of smooth internet

Wow, it took me 2 minutes to upload a page at It takes less than a few seconds!

Ok, I know I already wrote my rant post earlier but here is the one where I wanted to include pictures =)

After practice we came out to see our friend's car showered in ... ??

Later on in the day I was at JimJean's and wanted to play around

MJ style!

And finally here's a picture of all the paint that I did not help with... =X

This is a bit chaotic

So by now we have all realized my inability to update as frequently while being at home. Not only for the sheer reason that my internet connection is crap.

I spent about 2 minutes opening each page and it is a bit crazy. So hopefully this post will go through.

I think I will just start doing Weekend Updates whenever possible and just focus on updating daily through the weekdays while I am still in LB. Argh you, internet!

Ok Saturday and Sunday have collectively been focused around trying to figure out ways to develop my design concept for this terminal. So far it is still a bit scattered but I think I will there soon. Space planning tonight.

Yesterday was a busy teaching day as we started out with thirteen students and ended with six. The few who left was granted only half the class as they are here for their Free Two Week Trial. It was a breathless attempt as there were two 5 year olds, one 6 year old, one autistic child, one student who could not communicate in English well, plus all the 8-10 year olds who had waaayyy too much energy. Whew!

This morning was all about practicing the details of our forms. My goodness what a workout. Quickly afterward I joined JimJeans at their new place but not to help paint, being the helpful hero I am, instead I just hung around trying to read and develop more ideas on my project.

And here I am now! Trying to figure out what happened to the internet. Perhaps it's a sign.

*pictures to be added later

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday and Friday Recap

Remnants of my lunch with Meng

Thursdays are hard to recapture because of the nothingness that consumes the day followed by the busy traffic chaos in the evening. Basically nothing much happened.

My typical Thursday this semester will go as following:
10:00am - wake up
10:30 - Meng arrives and I drop her and Odona off at school
12:15 - pick up Meng for lunch!
2:00ish - return and try to be productive in some way
5:00 - pick up Jeanne and Fro
5:30 - go home and sit through traffic for about an hour
6:45 - exhausted and at home
7:30 - dinner
9:00 - hang out with Jimmy
11:00 - return home, shower, and sleep

See? Boring to post about! So don't mind me if I end up skipping almost every Thursday this semester =X

Onto Friday!

Frodona and I got up and literally flew to the studio! Actually not really because Frodo was driving took a bit.

Anyway, after a long discussion on all the technical details of our forms we finished without breaking a sweat (odd) and left to Ledo Cafe to have lunch with our mama and papa.

I cannot remember the last time we had lunch during the weekday, my parents are often quite busy and do not always find the opportunity for all of us to eat together (minus Olivia of course)

Lunch was a palette of mediocre-ness though so we returned home and found some friends joining us for the rest of the afternoon.

I am quite lost with my direction in my design at the moment. Even an hour of scribbling in Starbucks did not help much. I think it may take a bit for this one to get the ball rolling. Darn.

Practice was fun tonight and we ended the night with a slow serviced dinner at Applebees. Oh the joys of restaurants that open late. I really appreciate them =)

We just uncovered some oldie cameras that my dad used to use as a youngin and it's so exciting to unearth such treasures!

He does not find it to be interesting at all but finds enjoyment in our overexcitement. I hope we can get these to work smoothly!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I finally found frames that fit my lovely little posters. These cheapie frames were $8 from Big Lots and I was more than happy to pick them up.

After a few rearrangements I finally have clothed my naked posters! Eiffel Tower and Audrey could not look better!

Now where to put these? Hm...

Today was the first day where we had our full four hour class. And then followed that up with another two hour class. Oh the joys of studio.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the little things I need to do outside of my design work. One of which is organizing class information and creating large emails to keep everyone updated.

Also you can see I took the plunge and bought a huge box of cheese balls from Target. You should have seen everyone who made their way to our cubicle to try to catch those little things in their mouths. Has anyone seen that one episode of The Office?

Anyway, I need to take a break and unwind a bit before showering and immersing myself into homework....well, we'll see if I get to the homework =D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project One- The Beginning

So I researched a lot about Parisian architecture and most of it was inspired by French Baroque and Neoclassicism which noted the classical symmetry and grandeur of the Roman and Greek philosophy.

After determining the path I am going toward, I began to create my concept for this design.

Introducing the airport runway of Le Bourget in Paris, France

image courtesy of GoogleEarth

I listed my priorities and focuses-

Noted that classical architecture

and outlined the runway

I am going to try to incorporate this runway idea in my design. Let's see what happens in tomorrow's research pin up first!

My Back Says Ouch

I woke up today with intense pain in my lower back toward the tailbone. I feel like there is a giant achy bruise that is not letting me walk, trot, or dance properly.

Hmph to you, tailbone.

This made it quite difficult to practice today, actually it made it extremely difficult to walk properly. And even more painful to walk up/down stairs, sit down, or even cough. Boo.

Well, we spent most of the day with Band Hero again! I believe my other calling in life has now changed to becoming a drummer. Err.. only a drummer in medium difficulty though. Let me know if you need another addition to your band! =D

May came by today to get some help from our resident IT, A2, and in between waiting for the programs to upload, we tried to take a little trip to Quickly. My goodness I could not walk well!

May and I walking to get boba

I believe that was the bulk of my day. Pain, pain, Band Hero, pain, boba, Target, pain, Band Hero.

I need to get on going with my project and start actually putting information on paper for our Pin Up on Wednesday's class.

Ok so I keep mentioning this project that I am not properly explaining so here it goes:

We are designing an airport terminal in Le Bourget Airport, Paris France. This particular terminal is one for business aviation - private and commercial for businessmen, diplomats, celebrities, etc...

There is a proposed program that calls for Customer Service Representatives, seating, private lounges, restrooms (hmm is this really necessary?), bistro, and many more details.

They are asking us to construct an interior design that integrates the exterior while maintaining the functionality.

I'll try to keep you all posted with my progress!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good thing there's Labor Day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE!

Aww man, Sunday is over. Back to scho---wait! No, school tomorrow! It's Labor Day weekend! Woot woot!

...what do people usually do for labor day anyway?

My Sunday started out with the typical and ended with the atypical.

We woke at 9am to prepare for tkd practice that was scheduled for 10am - 11:30am. Though we only missed about a week of daily training, I could already feel a bit off in my rhythm. Gahh

After practice we headed back home to replenish our fluids and carbo-load because today on Ms Jeanne's birthday we were going to...paint their house! Woot woot!

(as I type this it is 3am and Odona just rammed against something in the restroom. I heard her quickly turn and whisper, "shhhh" ....who is she talking to? The counter? Anyhow, back to my entry!)

Jeanne turns 19 today! Aww I remember when she was still an ity bity little thing with baggy sweatpants and a big ole smile. And now look at her! All grown up!


After the painting bonanza, I headed back home to have dinner with G-Ma at the infamous Zen Buffet. Turns out they improved their options and though they are by no means any favorite of mine, I found it to be okay.

G-Ma enjoyed herself today with the varieties of sushi, cooked fish, and veggies. She even started giving Odo tips on how to sneak buns out of the restaurant! Shhhh...

Four small plates with dessert to top it off and we were on our way home. Since Jeanne's birthday was still in session, we asked for a ride to their loverly home and played Band Hero for hours.

Never have I gained and lost so much respect for these people.

So now it's 3am and I just washed my hair after the long random day of activities but I want to end the post by saying, JEANNE IS NOW 19! Happy birthday, Lady! We've been through so much together -at least 24 inches of hair!- and well... it keeps growing =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer's Last Beach Day

It started out beautifully... the sun was shining, the birds were singing and what do we see when we arrived at the beach?! CLOUDS!

We spent a good portion of the morning huddled up like those adorable seals on the rocks. Except we just looked like blobs of human flesh. Ew...sorry for that. =D

Anyway, the clouds finally parted by 2pm and there was a sliver of hope for some good ole boogie boarding. However, the winds took that as a sign to sing their hearts out and wooshed endlessly for hours!

We finally bit the bullet and hit the icy waves

It was most definitely a beautiful day but the winds were too unforgiving for all of us fully enjoy the trip. I am still grateful for having the opportunity to go and I was so happy to finish the night with some Islands Hawaiian-ness. =D

On a different note-
...My mom just asked my dad why his tummy was so bulgy and he said he was pregnant. Sigh, parents.