Thursday, August 26, 2010

Room Update!

Hello May...Uh...what are you doing in my room?

After a Holey Moley lunch on a particular Tuesday afternoon, a couple of gals decided to swing by Ikea for inspiration and came out with this little number. Oh and that other little number, and that other thing and...never mind.

Anyway, I decided to put aside my clunky drafting table and trade it in for something that fitting for my modest 10' x 11' room.

So I purchased a $34-ish table and put it together, ta-da! Looks like she fits.

Still not done obviously but at this point I am just moving things around so that they can make more sense.

Here is my temporary setup to this area...still unsure of what to do. It's so small and insignificant but at the same time it plays a large role in the grand scheme of things...uh...did I lose anyone there?

Hi pretty "treasure" chest! Oh...that cup of coffee was not meant to be there

In other news, our 'big' demonstration fundraiser is this Sunday in Rowland Heights! I was asked to decorate Donation boxes for the event - pulling out the scrapbooking materials!

Has anyone else out there been a fan of scrapbooking? I use to make cards for practically every occasion but that zest for creativity and handmade goods has long passed. I believe it's been years since I actually put these things to good use.

Perhaps I can show my cards someday and reignite that zesty zest thinks the lack of sleep is getting to me.

Good night.

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  1. LOL. i can't believe i scared myself w/ my own picture...