Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pixar Inspires

It is Sunday and there is in fact sun today!

We woke up to realize we did not have enough time to catch the no. 1 bus...whoops! So plan B was to sit there for a few episodes of Dr. Horrible on youtube. (WATCH IT!)

A $2 ride later we arrived in front of the Oakland Museum of California ready for the Pixar 25 year Anniversary Exhibit. I was so excited! So excited to find in the end that there were intervals of time when they would allow entrance to guests. With 15 minutes to spare before our entrance time we walked into an art/photography/sculpture section.

Once 11:45 came we rushed over to Pixar and after entering the double doors, I felt so inspired to pick up my drawing pencils again. =)

I think I will.

After the visit, we rode the BART back to Berkeley and watched the Cal TKD Team demo for Caltopia visitors. Nice job to all the performers!

We walked around the streets of people for a bit before deciding to eat at a small Italian joint, Milanse, where I chose the stuffed chicken dish. Stuffed to the brim we headed back where I topped my day off with a melted Reese's Pieces.

I'm in a bit of a food coma now so I must rest my tired self. Thank goodness for soft couches.

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