Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting my room Part 1

I decided a bit ago that my room was in need of a serious upgrade. First off the walls were, no joke, disgusting because the previous owners had coated the walls with a terrible yellow. Not only was the color terrible (which is not as noticeable in the pictures) but the application was horrible with streaky lines, scuffed blue marks, and uneven layering.

Basically, it looked like the room where bad children went.

Anyway, so after purchasing this gorgeous trunk from TJ Maxx

(colors came out a bit yellow b/c I used the Vibrant mode...oops)

I felt inspired to move further with my upgrade.

I took a few Before pictures so that we can see the transformation after

After moving everything out, we lined the baseboards with painters tape and old Chinese newspapers

Then opened up that paint can, filled that tray, and away we go!

Here are my featured helpers

And first wall done!

I'll keep you updated on my progress =)


  1. hey girl! beautiful color! but I am not sure if you are trying to make a border but if you werent, you weren't supposed to put the tape on the wall your going to be painting, you shouldve put the tape on the other wall and on the borders of the window, therefore when you're painting the corner of the room, it will be easier cuz you can go over the tape on the other wall and you'll just remove it afterwards. just a tip! sorry I'm not trying to sound like a smartbutt!

  2. Oh wait! just looked at the first pic!!! Now i feel like a smartbutt! sorry!!!