Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Tokyo

We decided that it was time to pay a visit to our favorite part of town where the traffic will not cease and the homeless look a tad more dressed up than you do...

I mean downtown LA of course!

Anyway, my long time friends (since elementary school) plus my sisters and I headed to Little Tokyo to try a sushi restaurant that one of them had yelped.

By the way, "yelped" is a perfectly accepted term when you Yelp search a restaurant and see their reviews to determine whether or not you wish to dine there.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were distraught to find out that they only served dinner after 5:30pm. Boo.

So we began to search our options

And after a lovely spicy sushi-filled meal, we celebrated our bravery for trying out new restaurants by eating some sugar coned ice-cream!

According to this picture, I did not enjoy it of course

It was a lovely day for some lovely lunching in a lovely part of downtown.

I later visited the doctor to inquire about my recent cold only to find that I have a mild case of bronchitis. He specifically told me, "No spicy foods or cold drinks, okay?"

...I didn't drink the ice-cream, I ate it...so I'm still good. Right?

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