Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helloooo San Francisco!

It is that time again when we take the annual trip to San Francisco to drop off the middle O before her schooling commences.

Well, I decided that after so many years of driving the ugh-worthy 5-7 hours (depending on the driver of course), it would be fitting if we took the time to visit the famous attractions that tourists travel great distances to see.

First off was actually Union Square where we saw our friends demo their taekwondo-ness but I don't really have any presentable pictures to share. Next was a GPS dependent visit to Lombard Street where the have the "crooked-est" streets.

It was so beautiful to see and so fun to experience. A must see for all visitors!

Afterward we headed to the Ghirardelli Square where there was Ghirardelli chocolate here, Ghirardelli chocolate there, Ghirardelli chocolate EVERYWHERE!

Yum - me.

A few sample pieces melting in our mouths plus a few more in our pockets and we were ready to go!

As our metered parking time limit threatened to run out, we headed off to the Golden Gate Park.

What a giant place! There was definitely a lot of "where are we" cries.

After a few (that is called sarcasm, my friend) wrong turns, we finally got GPS to tell us that turning on 10th street was indeed the right way.

We walked through the beautiful and calm Conservatory of Flowers and the Japanese Tea Garden. My tired feet could not take much more after that but I'm glad we went.

Yawn. Jimmy keeps bothering me to go to sleep now and his annoying annoying-ness is getting harder and harder to take.

I'm looking forward to more tomorrow! =D

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