Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Field Trip Towards Historic Downtown

11:15am - time to get rolling!

We had a quick conversation yesterday about the possibility of going through Downtown and well what is really stopping us from visiting such a historic part of our town when it is really only twenty minutes away!

So we gathered the troops (which really consisted of a few friends who we happened to see last night) and this morning we carpooled our butts through traffic.

I had previously gone on a field trip through Historic Downtown, if you recall, so I was able to guide my tour group through the same wonderful sites and give tiny bits of information.

By the way, when I say "tiny bits" I do truly mean tiny teeny bits such as, "Angel's Flight was built in 1901." Boo-yah.

We began our morning scouting for parking lots that were affordable. It's tricky in downtown areas as everyone is in need for parking. Yet they do not always want to just park anywhere as a safety precaution. SOooo-

Often times the structures will completely overcharge you for their convenience and shade away from the blistering sun. I remember one incident where I accidentally drove into the parking structure a block away from the Walt Disney Concert Hall only to find that the fee was $23 for the day! Holy guacamole.

Then there are parking lots. But the closer the parking lots are to the hub-bub of activity, the more expensive they are. I found ones that ranged from $12 to $8.

Well, we finally found a lot that charged a flat rate of $4.50 and deemed it worthy of our business. After squeezing into a non-compact spot, we set out on our journey and visited the ever famous, Bradbury building.

After walking circles around the first landing (we weren't allowed to go much further) we crossed the street to eat at the Grand Central Market before embarking on the rest of our journey.

We ate lunch and then proceeded to ride the trolley car up Angel's Flight for 25 cents.

A few delays and we were at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

And then a nice stroll down Bunker Hill

Yes I have already seen these landmarks. And yes not much has changed. But I find it very enjoyable to revisit and learn more about our city's past.

It was definitely fun to play tourist today.

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