Friday, August 20, 2010

Beach Day and Room Update

This entry is going to be picture heavy--

Just one day away from driving up north to return the Olivia back to Berkeley for the 2010 Fall semester, we decided we need to go the beach one more time!

Newport was a great hostess but its icy waters were not as welcoming... oh well, we still enjoyed our stay.

I use to drink Cactus Cooler all the time back in elementary school! Memories... cue the music!

Ok, so let's do some Project ReDo Room updates!

All four walls have been painted and painted again (2 coats for good measure!) and I am slowly beginning to move my furniture back in

Still deciding...

But look at all my crap... I mean... stuff just hanging out here. Tsk tsk

Ooh and we purchased some patio chair cushions from Target. They are nice, comfy, and durable

I like the patterns-

Yay to accomplishing the necessary! I drove through so much traffic today that I had to insist on the family going out for a nice hot pot dinner on this extremely hot hot day.

Everybody has crazy straws!

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