Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to LA

So San Francisco decided to have a bit of a burst of heat today...

Anyway on our final day in the Northern part of CA, Olivia lead us through the Berkeley neighborhoods to find this little Korean sandwich restaurant where we tried this

A delicious bulgogi sandwhich for about $5-$6. I'll report back with the name of this restaurant later =)

After the hefty lunch, we trotted back through the sunny streets and back to Olivia's place where we found out that she enjoyed dressing to match her furniture


After short goodbyes we made our way back to our humble home, and I was able to enjoy the scenery during the latter part of the drive.

Funny how much empty space surrounds our dense neighborhoods.

As the sun slowly sets for its nap, a shade of peace falls upon the tiresome hills.

I really wish I was able to capture the first night's drive where the moon's glow lit up the dark serenity of the mountains. We mentally captured the heavy thick clouds settling down onto the moon casting its reflection onto the lake's eerie silence.

Too bad I was driving at the time and could not take any physical photos but... now there is a new beauty found in the sunlit landscape of the interstate 5 freeway. =D

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