Monday, August 30, 2010

It's that time again!

I was prepared for you, school! Hiiiiyahhhh! Take that.

Anyway, today was the first day of my last school year (fingers crossed) and I decided that it was time for a good ole blog post.

If any of you lovely people out there have been reading my blog from the get-go but last semester I attempted to document my entire semester. And though I did miss out possibly two to three days, I did manage to capture the overall experience.

So am I so crazy to do this again? Spend twelve plus hours working endlessly on school projects and then dragging my heavy ten digits towards the keyboard to record the day?

Basically yes, yes I am.

I decided that I only have so much longer in school and I really would be grateful to myself for documenting my experiences. Sometimes I find myself looking back to see what kind of crap I had blogged out. And to my surprise it was not always horrible! =)

So here's my small entry for today August 30, 2010

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends, Emily!

Ok, school this semester starts at 1pm and so we ate a short Thai lunch at Bai Plu before heading to our beloved new studio. (As a senior we are asked to move into the senior studio.)

We sat through the new classes and listened to the new syllabus before claiming our new seats. Guess who I am sitting next to.


After our first class we took a much needed Starbucks break -when is it ever NOT needed? - and proceed to waste time at TJ Maxx and Target. Well, with three hours to waste what else would we do?!

Our second class was more of an eye opener as our class was asked to share all questions and concerns regarding our future career paths. No answers provided. Yet.

Anyway, now I am here in my room typing this post and joining this LUUUX site! Check it out through my link and see if it is something you would consider joining! ...FREE STUFF!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Room Update!

Hello May...Uh...what are you doing in my room?

After a Holey Moley lunch on a particular Tuesday afternoon, a couple of gals decided to swing by Ikea for inspiration and came out with this little number. Oh and that other little number, and that other thing and...never mind.

Anyway, I decided to put aside my clunky drafting table and trade it in for something that fitting for my modest 10' x 11' room.

So I purchased a $34-ish table and put it together, ta-da! Looks like she fits.

Still not done obviously but at this point I am just moving things around so that they can make more sense.

Here is my temporary setup to this area...still unsure of what to do. It's so small and insignificant but at the same time it plays a large role in the grand scheme of things...uh...did I lose anyone there?

Hi pretty "treasure" chest! Oh...that cup of coffee was not meant to be there

In other news, our 'big' demonstration fundraiser is this Sunday in Rowland Heights! I was asked to decorate Donation boxes for the event - pulling out the scrapbooking materials!

Has anyone else out there been a fan of scrapbooking? I use to make cards for practically every occasion but that zest for creativity and handmade goods has long passed. I believe it's been years since I actually put these things to good use.

Perhaps I can show my cards someday and reignite that zesty zest thinks the lack of sleep is getting to me.

Good night.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to LA

So San Francisco decided to have a bit of a burst of heat today...

Anyway on our final day in the Northern part of CA, Olivia lead us through the Berkeley neighborhoods to find this little Korean sandwich restaurant where we tried this

A delicious bulgogi sandwhich for about $5-$6. I'll report back with the name of this restaurant later =)

After the hefty lunch, we trotted back through the sunny streets and back to Olivia's place where we found out that she enjoyed dressing to match her furniture


After short goodbyes we made our way back to our humble home, and I was able to enjoy the scenery during the latter part of the drive.

Funny how much empty space surrounds our dense neighborhoods.

As the sun slowly sets for its nap, a shade of peace falls upon the tiresome hills.

I really wish I was able to capture the first night's drive where the moon's glow lit up the dark serenity of the mountains. We mentally captured the heavy thick clouds settling down onto the moon casting its reflection onto the lake's eerie silence.

Too bad I was driving at the time and could not take any physical photos but... now there is a new beauty found in the sunlit landscape of the interstate 5 freeway. =D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pixar Inspires

It is Sunday and there is in fact sun today!

We woke up to realize we did not have enough time to catch the no. 1 bus...whoops! So plan B was to sit there for a few episodes of Dr. Horrible on youtube. (WATCH IT!)

A $2 ride later we arrived in front of the Oakland Museum of California ready for the Pixar 25 year Anniversary Exhibit. I was so excited! So excited to find in the end that there were intervals of time when they would allow entrance to guests. With 15 minutes to spare before our entrance time we walked into an art/photography/sculpture section.

Once 11:45 came we rushed over to Pixar and after entering the double doors, I felt so inspired to pick up my drawing pencils again. =)

I think I will.

After the visit, we rode the BART back to Berkeley and watched the Cal TKD Team demo for Caltopia visitors. Nice job to all the performers!

We walked around the streets of people for a bit before deciding to eat at a small Italian joint, Milanse, where I chose the stuffed chicken dish. Stuffed to the brim we headed back where I topped my day off with a melted Reese's Pieces.

I'm in a bit of a food coma now so I must rest my tired self. Thank goodness for soft couches.

Helloooo San Francisco!

It is that time again when we take the annual trip to San Francisco to drop off the middle O before her schooling commences.

Well, I decided that after so many years of driving the ugh-worthy 5-7 hours (depending on the driver of course), it would be fitting if we took the time to visit the famous attractions that tourists travel great distances to see.

First off was actually Union Square where we saw our friends demo their taekwondo-ness but I don't really have any presentable pictures to share. Next was a GPS dependent visit to Lombard Street where the have the "crooked-est" streets.

It was so beautiful to see and so fun to experience. A must see for all visitors!

Afterward we headed to the Ghirardelli Square where there was Ghirardelli chocolate here, Ghirardelli chocolate there, Ghirardelli chocolate EVERYWHERE!

Yum - me.

A few sample pieces melting in our mouths plus a few more in our pockets and we were ready to go!

As our metered parking time limit threatened to run out, we headed off to the Golden Gate Park.

What a giant place! There was definitely a lot of "where are we" cries.

After a few (that is called sarcasm, my friend) wrong turns, we finally got GPS to tell us that turning on 10th street was indeed the right way.

We walked through the beautiful and calm Conservatory of Flowers and the Japanese Tea Garden. My tired feet could not take much more after that but I'm glad we went.

Yawn. Jimmy keeps bothering me to go to sleep now and his annoying annoying-ness is getting harder and harder to take.

I'm looking forward to more tomorrow! =D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beach Day and Room Update

This entry is going to be picture heavy--

Just one day away from driving up north to return the Olivia back to Berkeley for the 2010 Fall semester, we decided we need to go the beach one more time!

Newport was a great hostess but its icy waters were not as welcoming... oh well, we still enjoyed our stay.

I use to drink Cactus Cooler all the time back in elementary school! Memories... cue the music!

Ok, so let's do some Project ReDo Room updates!

All four walls have been painted and painted again (2 coats for good measure!) and I am slowly beginning to move my furniture back in

Still deciding...

But look at all my crap... I mean... stuff just hanging out here. Tsk tsk

Ooh and we purchased some patio chair cushions from Target. They are nice, comfy, and durable

I like the patterns-

Yay to accomplishing the necessary! I drove through so much traffic today that I had to insist on the family going out for a nice hot pot dinner on this extremely hot hot day.

Everybody has crazy straws!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting my room Part 1

I decided a bit ago that my room was in need of a serious upgrade. First off the walls were, no joke, disgusting because the previous owners had coated the walls with a terrible yellow. Not only was the color terrible (which is not as noticeable in the pictures) but the application was horrible with streaky lines, scuffed blue marks, and uneven layering.

Basically, it looked like the room where bad children went.

Anyway, so after purchasing this gorgeous trunk from TJ Maxx

(colors came out a bit yellow b/c I used the Vibrant mode...oops)

I felt inspired to move further with my upgrade.

I took a few Before pictures so that we can see the transformation after

After moving everything out, we lined the baseboards with painters tape and old Chinese newspapers

Then opened up that paint can, filled that tray, and away we go!

Here are my featured helpers

And first wall done!

I'll keep you updated on my progress =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just a short update

I am ready to be redo my room! I went to Home Depot yesterday and purchased a quart of Behr paint to cover one of my bedroom walls. I will keep you updated as I go through the process so come back to visit this blog once in a while!

I made my way to the mall recently and decided that I had to take a picture with this green oddness

I am a fan of art but...I don't really get this one. Oh well, it is unique at least!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Guess what I bought!

After our fun LA field trip last week, I had gone to the MOCA and found this beauty

It was incredibly intriguing and happily trotted towards the cash wrap to make my purchase. Look how awesome it is! I decided to document my experience while putting this together. All that was needed was tape =)

Now all I need is 35mm film! =D