Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday and Summer's Too Short

*Today is a random post day.

I cannot believe it's the 16th of July already... ew.

EW to time passing by too quickly.

EW to summer finishing faster than I anticipated.

And EW to this muggy weather. That last one is probably a statement that everyone will agree with.

We hung out in Rowland Heights today and found a few delightful eateries to recommend to you lovely people. If you are ever in the area that is.

This gorgeous shaved ice comes from Class 302. It is a cute tiny tiny restaurant that offers meals but specializes in Taiwanese shaved snow desserts like this one. It's so unique and quite delicious =)

Yelp it if you don't believe me!

This was after we attacked the plate...

After filling up on porkchop rice and strawberry mango shaved snow ($6.50), we decided that there was only one logical thing to do next.


This is the only location down Colima that I know of so it is quite a drive for me but well worth it in my opinion. This tea place, otherwise known as, Little Green Bean is teeny with very limited seating and often only two workers managing the counters at a time. It is averagely priced for tapioca milk tea (I recommend the Green Milk Tea Boba) at about $3 a cup.

I cannot really remember anything else minus the food today. Heheh, the weather was incredibly hot and uncomfortable so I do recall a lot of sticking to my seats. Darn you, super strong sun!

Look how beautiful the sunset is though

Hmm... I suppose I don't mind the pesky heat for beautiful endings like this =)

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