Monday, July 26, 2010

Ride Away, Dallas!

So uh...guess where I went today...

It was our dear friend, Krystal's birthday surprise today! We began our morning with some good old fashion horseback riding.

We, along with two other parties, graced the trails of Griffith Park towards the Burbank area. It was interesting to stop cars as we walked through the pathways alongside the 134 freeway.

$25 for an hour well spent. My pained butt and sun burnt shoulders definitely feel the hour long fun.

Happy birthday to Krystal!

As I rocked side to side on top of that rock-like saddle, I thought of all the beauty that exists around us. (Is this becoming a bit too Hallmark right now?) But more specifically the beauty of human and animal connection. How much trust and training it takes for these large creatures to trust humans to take care of them.

These horses really are magnificent, so graceful and strong and...beautiful! I want one! ...uhh Jimmy? Did you hear me?

We are definitely lucky to be a part of a species that can create a bond with animals, even smaller creatures such as dogs and cats. But as my dogs begin to age and develop physical atrophy, I am deeply saddened. I love my doggies, how can I get along without them?

Here's the fact of life that we must all learn. Nothing living is forever. Things will bloom and then wilt. We cannot stop the natural occurrences of life and we must learn to deal with the harsh realities. However, the famous quote from...someone...(I forgot but here's the quote anyway)

"It is better to love and lost then to have never loved."

That is truly the hardest part of life but also the most important. You are left with all the wonderful memories and new lessons in life. Could you really trade an estimated ten years of happy memories?

I love my dogs and I wouldn't trade what great times I've had for anything. And none of you should feel otherwise =)

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