Monday, July 12, 2010

California Adventures Again

It's Monday 9pm and guess what I am doing? Not at practice! I'm actually enjoying my day off hehe...some may call it lazy, but I call it...ok, I call it a little lazy.

Anyhoo, I went with my lovely gal, (hehe) Jimmy to Disney's California Adventure. I know what you are thinking. I went to DisneyWorld twice followed by a long Universal Orlando day and now back to CA Adventures?!


Anyway, it was fun and my has Woody aged!

As we walked through the park nonchalantly, we came across these beautiful flowers. I am by no means any sort of expert but I know when I see something I like.

They are so beautiful and from the size of the photos they seem to fill the frame with golden yellow gorgeousness. But in real life, the sheer scale of the flowers to humans, it makes it quite difficult to even take a moment to notice them.

I say we should all take a moment in our lives to look at the little things in life because you may end up finding the greatest little surprises.

Here is my girlfriend and me...heheh

To say we are normal would be a complete lie.

Oh and California Adventures has the new water show that is definitely worth the three hour wait. (not that you have to stand in line for 3 hours but you should around the vicinity when the crowd rushes in) But look how beautiful it looks! Go see it if you can!

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