Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beach Day That Never Happened

On a Monday such as this,
We realized it was the beach that we miss,
So we traveled down south where the sun shines bright,
Only to find that there was barely any light.
The clouds were crowding like bullies in the sky,
The thought of missing the waves were enough to make us cry,
"Let's skip it and watch a movie instead!"
With that thought in our head, we immediately fled!
A quick stop at Holey Moley for yummy food,
I patted my stomach and it felt goooooood.
We rushed to the theater and plopped down our seats,
All I could hear around me were people munching on their treats,
The previews flew by quickly and the movie began to play,
Little minions filled up the screen and I want to watch them all day!
Everyone go out and watch Despicable Me,
It is a fun family film for all to see,
I wish I could have gone to the beach today,
But spending the day with best friends is the best I say.

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