Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh Starbucks...

Okay Starbucks, good one.

Does anyone recall an odd little story where some overworked barrista with poor hearing? You know, the one who misunderstood me when I said, "my name is Ophelia" and wrote down "Alifr?"

...hence the title of this blog

Well yesterday someone has officially won the Starbucks-name-ruining Championships!

Jeanne is now to be referred to as, "Geine" ... wth? Not only is the I not before the E, the name is completely off considering how quiet and calm this particular Starbucks was.

Sorry Jeanne! Err... Geine... but not to worry, there will be many more opportunities to have ALL our names brutally destroyed.

Let me know if you guys have any good ones!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ba-ba-bata-ba-ba-bahhh-doo-doo-doo-doodumdododododododoooddoooooooooooooo ...and THAT is the intro to The Office.

I love watching The Office! We have been going through all the seasons of the show and really enjoying our Office marathon. What the heck are they going to do without Michael next season!

We have just received the details of our World's Taekwondo Poomsae Championships in Uzbekistan and have found that the competition will cost each competitor approximately $3,500! Oye.

So now begins the scramble to finding means of funding our trip and the first answer is FUNDRAISER! Wish us luck! I always asking for luck wishing?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beach Day That Never Happened

On a Monday such as this,
We realized it was the beach that we miss,
So we traveled down south where the sun shines bright,
Only to find that there was barely any light.
The clouds were crowding like bullies in the sky,
The thought of missing the waves were enough to make us cry,
"Let's skip it and watch a movie instead!"
With that thought in our head, we immediately fled!
A quick stop at Holey Moley for yummy food,
I patted my stomach and it felt goooooood.
We rushed to the theater and plopped down our seats,
All I could hear around me were people munching on their treats,
The previews flew by quickly and the movie began to play,
Little minions filled up the screen and I want to watch them all day!
Everyone go out and watch Despicable Me,
It is a fun family film for all to see,
I wish I could have gone to the beach today,
But spending the day with best friends is the best I say.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ride Away, Dallas!

So uh...guess where I went today...

It was our dear friend, Krystal's birthday surprise today! We began our morning with some good old fashion horseback riding.

We, along with two other parties, graced the trails of Griffith Park towards the Burbank area. It was interesting to stop cars as we walked through the pathways alongside the 134 freeway.

$25 for an hour well spent. My pained butt and sun burnt shoulders definitely feel the hour long fun.

Happy birthday to Krystal!

As I rocked side to side on top of that rock-like saddle, I thought of all the beauty that exists around us. (Is this becoming a bit too Hallmark right now?) But more specifically the beauty of human and animal connection. How much trust and training it takes for these large creatures to trust humans to take care of them.

These horses really are magnificent, so graceful and strong and...beautiful! I want one! ...uhh Jimmy? Did you hear me?

We are definitely lucky to be a part of a species that can create a bond with animals, even smaller creatures such as dogs and cats. But as my dogs begin to age and develop physical atrophy, I am deeply saddened. I love my doggies, how can I get along without them?

Here's the fact of life that we must all learn. Nothing living is forever. Things will bloom and then wilt. We cannot stop the natural occurrences of life and we must learn to deal with the harsh realities. However, the famous quote from...someone...(I forgot but here's the quote anyway)

"It is better to love and lost then to have never loved."

That is truly the hardest part of life but also the most important. You are left with all the wonderful memories and new lessons in life. Could you really trade an estimated ten years of happy memories?

I love my dogs and I wouldn't trade what great times I've had for anything. And none of you should feel otherwise =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Went out for a walk today!

What a productive day of cleaning cleaning cleaning. My room is wonderfully spotless and the bathroom sparkles! Cue the commercial jingle!

Ms Clean, Ms Clean

...not exactly how it went. Oh well!

We celebrated our cleanliness (only happens once every green moon) by grabbing some ice cold Starbucks and then taking the dogs for a much needed walk.

The weather was beautiful today with the temperature in the mid-80's so there was a good balance between heat and cold but still have the lovely sun shining. I like being able to feel really comfortable in shorts and a tank.

I decided to bring my aged camera with us and snapped a few fun shots for good memories. Here are a few color accented shots *not photoshopped* just basic functions

Camouflaged spy

Warm embrace

Stop! And see the gang

Sweetie sending out peace...I didn't carve that! It was already there

Little Lymo in his discomfort

Final shot of me and the bird poo

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second Professional Interview Done and Done

It all began last Wednesday night. Though I had been dreading making any "adult" decisions of giving up my last "free" summer (ooh lots of quotations here) but in the end Responsible Ophelia took over...darn you, RO.

I emailed the firm and luckily by Thursday, they responded that they had not begun giving interviews so I acted as quickly as I could and asked them to pencil me in for Monday at three. I felt fine, no nerves- just cool, calm, and collected.

I spent the weekend preparing my resume and portfolio pieces only to experience a few hiccups at Staples while printing. Apparently "print all of the PDFs please" did not really mean print everything. Or perhaps she had selective printing capabilities...nah, she was very kind, it was just a bit stressful.

Anyway, hiccups aside, I was ready and armed with a borrowed black portfolio book to add to my coolness.

But they never responded to my email where I specified which date and time would be best for me. That was Thursday and it was already Sunday night. Oooh the nerves.

Monday morning (today..or what was today) I emailed the firm and sat impatiently by the computer while tapping my fingers and rearranging the same pile of magazines. Then I called and left a message asking if my appointment was made correctly and I did not confuse which Mondays - by the way, when someone says "next Monday" do you understand it as the coming Monday or the one after? I always thought it was the latter but I suppose I am the wrong-o one.

I spent the afternoon feeling a bit stressed at what I should do and if I would get my interview when finally the desperation forced the email to come! Ding ding! ...not the typical email sound but you get my drift.

I made my way there twenty minutes ahead of time only to arrive seventeen minutes early... It was SO close.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my interview but here are some key elements that they taught me that I could pass on to all of you:

-It's really okay to ask when you don't understand or do not know the answer. Yes, some people may not react kindly but there will be SOMEONE who will lend a helping hand

-You are not only being chosen by the company to be the employee because you yourself need to choose which company you want to be a part of

-Understand your industry. No two field are exactly alike. They may operate one way in one field and another way in another field. Do your research!

and finally,

-Try to always be yourself because if a company does not like the type of person you really are then why would you want to torment yourself and work for them? You need to find a place that fits you. And though times are tough and jobs are not plentiful, never lose your integrity, fight for your values because at the end of the day a job is just a job. You should be walking away learning something for yourself every day.

Ok, that last one is more my personal take on this experience.

Well, I think that with every interview and every firm visit, I become more and more comfortable. I am sure the nervousness will never truly disappear but I know that as long as I am presenting myself the way I really am, then I will feel good about myself.

And that is how I felt today as I walked back to my car. Whether or not I get this internship, I feel like I did not disappoint myself. Sure, I was not perfect and no, I will never be...but I was me and that's really all I can ever ask for.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"No toys left behind!" Well...maybe one toy as I woke up to find it staring straight into my eyes in the morning, I had to put the demon bear away. Sorry, bear.

We spent the day at the theater today and apparently so was everyone else. Boy do I despise crowded malls. I feel as if there was a great need for elbow jabbing and shin kicking. Luckily I was good today and did not engage in any mob scenes.

Anyway, we watched Toy Story 3 in 3D today while eating our almond pretzels from Auntie Anne's. Mmmm. It was a good film with good lessons and good humor. Good? Yes.

I was satisfied by this movie but I guess there was too much hype because I was still waiting for that moment that would truly touch me. I say that but I really did like this film. I actually really really loved the abstract masterpiece of Pixar's shorts called, Day & Night. Really wonderful, find it and watch it if you can!

Oh by the way... Lymo's better!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday and Summer's Too Short

*Today is a random post day.

I cannot believe it's the 16th of July already... ew.

EW to time passing by too quickly.

EW to summer finishing faster than I anticipated.

And EW to this muggy weather. That last one is probably a statement that everyone will agree with.

We hung out in Rowland Heights today and found a few delightful eateries to recommend to you lovely people. If you are ever in the area that is.

This gorgeous shaved ice comes from Class 302. It is a cute tiny tiny restaurant that offers meals but specializes in Taiwanese shaved snow desserts like this one. It's so unique and quite delicious =)

Yelp it if you don't believe me!

This was after we attacked the plate...

After filling up on porkchop rice and strawberry mango shaved snow ($6.50), we decided that there was only one logical thing to do next.


This is the only location down Colima that I know of so it is quite a drive for me but well worth it in my opinion. This tea place, otherwise known as, Little Green Bean is teeny with very limited seating and often only two workers managing the counters at a time. It is averagely priced for tapioca milk tea (I recommend the Green Milk Tea Boba) at about $3 a cup.

I cannot really remember anything else minus the food today. Heheh, the weather was incredibly hot and uncomfortable so I do recall a lot of sticking to my seats. Darn you, super strong sun!

Look how beautiful the sunset is though

Hmm... I suppose I don't mind the pesky heat for beautiful endings like this =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

California Adventures Again

It's Monday 9pm and guess what I am doing? Not at practice! I'm actually enjoying my day off hehe...some may call it lazy, but I call it...ok, I call it a little lazy.

Anyhoo, I went with my lovely gal, (hehe) Jimmy to Disney's California Adventure. I know what you are thinking. I went to DisneyWorld twice followed by a long Universal Orlando day and now back to CA Adventures?!


Anyway, it was fun and my has Woody aged!

As we walked through the park nonchalantly, we came across these beautiful flowers. I am by no means any sort of expert but I know when I see something I like.

They are so beautiful and from the size of the photos they seem to fill the frame with golden yellow gorgeousness. But in real life, the sheer scale of the flowers to humans, it makes it quite difficult to even take a moment to notice them.

I say we should all take a moment in our lives to look at the little things in life because you may end up finding the greatest little surprises.

Here is my girlfriend and me...heheh

To say we are normal would be a complete lie.

Oh and California Adventures has the new water show that is definitely worth the three hour wait. (not that you have to stand in line for 3 hours but you should around the vicinity when the crowd rushes in) But look how beautiful it looks! Go see it if you can!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smiley Me

The trip is done and over with! Thank you, Orlando, for your magnificent humidity and seemingly relentless showers.

Let's see...I suppose this is the part where I reflect on my trip and share my greatest memories of sadness, joy, and glory. Well- I'm not ready to yet. I think that people are right when they claim that certain experiences do not quite sink in until days, weeks, or even months later. I do know that I left feeling content and satisfied with fulfilling my goals.

My plane ride back was quite the journey. It began with a squishy seat by the window overlooking the plane's wing. There was a thirty minute delay due to Oklahoma weather causing a path diversion. Then followed by an adorable little girl in a red dress who must have found great delight in kicking the back of my seat. Oh and of course let us not forget the woman who slept through the entire ride preventing me from visiting the little girl's room. Eep. Finally, we landed and were forced to wait an additional twenty minutes for the crew to bring out the ladder thing-a-ma-jigger. Great.

Anyway, as much fun as I had in Florida, I am so happy to be back home. The excessive fresh muggy air was not doing as much for me as my good ole LA smog.

I guess my reflection for this trip will slowly unfold as the weeks go by but for now, I would like to just relax and enjoy what is left of my summer.

I had three days of amusement parks but am still venturing on tackling another one tomorrow. I am so freakin' "amazing"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's over!

We're done! Yipeeeee!

Another 12 hours straight of being in a convention center with only a few bites of a sandwich the entire day...blegh

Good news is that it's over but the surprising news is that it's not really over.

Confused? Me too.

I started this entire tournament journey doubting my intentions for joining. On one hand, it seemed like a great opportunity to really make my 13 years of taekwondo training more meaningful and to test myself to compete with the best of the best. On the other hand, my life is busy as it is. I have a lot of deadlines and demands from school, my major which is my chosen path of focus is very important to me. Especially this upcoming year being my last, choosing taekwondo at this time seemed to be an odd move.

Here's the fact though. I am not a device. I was not built to only complete one task. I realize now that though the journey is tough, I can do it. I may bitch (sorry for the language! but necessary!) and moan through the entire time, but at the end of the day I feel very accomplished. It is a great lesson to me and hopefully to anyone else who is quick to give in like I am. We can always do more than we think we can. But we really never know until we go out there and test ourselves.

The entire tournament was an exhausting blur and that is the truth. It finished so quickly I barely had time to catch my breath. The results are good and I cannot change what happened. I wish I could have done better but here I am. I will try to find a lesson in every experience of my life. Sometimes it's difficult to see at first but you really have to dig deep to find it.

What else can I say? We made the US National Poomsae team and we have the choice to either compete in Uzbekistan or Mexico at the end of the year. I'll keep you posted! LITERALLY! heheh

Look at the excitement in my face....I was exhausted and had to quickly get ready for the next round.

So proud to have finished second, we can do better next year of course but so happy it was over!

Our team! So proud to be a part of a wonderful bunch, we had a great experience and we're about to have more because tomorrow is DisneyWorld! Whoopeeee!

...I'm going to buy Jimmy a HUGE Mickey Mouse

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We made it!

We made it! A very uncomfortable five hour plane ride over and we are in Orlando, Florida!

Dad looking extra fobby this trip, ya!

Since the first competition does not begin till tomorrow, we spent the day eating, shopping (yay for outlets) and mild training....though Olivia and I spent that time sleeping instead.

We just had a terribly filling Olive Garden meal and as I type this entry with a breadstick in my mouth, I realize that tomorrow will be a long day...ugh. Sorry this entry is crappy, my tired brain no is function conmigo. Oye.

Love you guys!