Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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with flash
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Oh yes, er.. hello, blog.

I know! Ever since I allowed myself to stop writing consistently on this blog I have really not touched it...lazy ass.

Ok I am back! I will try to update at least once every few days (because May will say something!) and try to make my life seem interesting.

That is incredibly difficult since the past week was mostly dedicated to tkd and training for our big July tournament. BUT we did actually attend a tournament on Saturday for our regular Black Belt Club members. It was the Taekwondo International Festival held in City of Industry? The "?" is inserted because googlemaps pulled a fast one on me again and changed the city when I typed in the full address. I suppose city lines are constantly being rewritten but anyway that is besides the point.

We arrived at the Industry Expo Center at 8am only to find that the arena seemed to resemble -oh I don't know- a rodeo?! Odd? Yes. True? Yes again.

There was a ring of bleachers that surrounded a covered dirt floor and a raised center square of mats. The surrounding barn-like structures smelled pungent with manure and even though there were no horses or bulls in sight, I felt like we had just arrived at a carnival.

Overall the tournament was incredibly long as they dragged on and delayed many matches. I felt that it was disorganized and way too energy consuming to be worth going to so I was glad to hear that our Master declared not to return next year.

Then Sunday became 'Relax to the Max!' day (yes, I DID make that up) and I spent it hanging out with Jimmy in the day time and Queena, my old elementary friend of 14 years, in the night time.

Monday began with dimsum in the morning with G-ma. Unfortunately it was a holiday so we waited almost an hour to get a table for seven and could not scarf down the food fast enough. If you have never been to dimsum, you should really consider trying it out. The food is quite delicious (for the most part) and do not be intimidated to order. I think most places are use to people just pointing to the containers =)
We did have to make time to train a bit during the evening and after a quick dinner, followed by a quick shower, I headed back to Long Beach.

Today was our first summer school class day. Being the first day, it was light and just overwhelming with a tinge of intimidation. After the class, my friends and I headed to the South Coast Plaza to shop and walk and enjoy our one and only day of relaxation before summer school frenzy begins.

I bought the MAC shadow in Sweet and Punchy thinking it was a lovely lime green color that felt just summery enough. Unfortunately in the sunlight, the swatch turned out so yellow that it became more of a tacky gold on me so I returned it for Steamy instead. I know the second picture really isn't as great as the first as the lighting is different.

swatch on hand (my hand looks gross here)

without flash

with flash

swatch on finger

That's all folks!

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    lol. i've been bored too, and ur blog always makes me laugh so... :p