Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laker Nation, are you there?

Tomorrow is the NBA Finals Game 7 between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics! I am most definitely a Laker fan although I am constantly complimenting people who deserve compliments. This means if Boston scores a good point, well then they deserve the "wow-nice" so there. I try to be fair.

I have two more weeks until the end of my summer school session (finishing a week early) and the tkd competition and I am starting to get a bit stressed. It feels like too little time to finish the project and head off to Florida already. But I suppose I need to go with the flow. Life is always evolving and this was a decision I made to attend this tournament so I must tread forth.

We visited the Heery Architects Firm today and was able to sit with two different Reps from OFG and from J&J-Something-I-Forgot. It was really interesting to get that first hand knowledge of the practical working world. They told us steps from phase one till phase ten. Boy, what did I get myself into...

I'm so tired! This rush of activity is difficult for lazy me. My lazy cannot keep up! For now, I will just go with the flow and hope for the best. How is your summer going?

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  1. j+j invision

    i don't want to complian (really), but my summer is crappy so far...