Monday, June 7, 2010

Holy Guacamole it's hot.

I believe summer's coming? Hm... The beads of sweat dripping uncontrollably seem to agree.


I am going to proceed with caution this summer! Less sunburns in 2010! That's the goal and let's see how we do. First thing's first- you need SPF!

I swear I'm not purposely flipping you off. It just happens sometimes.

Yes, you are reading this correctly, you DO need SPF 50 & 70 to protect yourself from the sun's warmth and happiness. Darn you, sun.

I am sitting here trying to do my summer school *groan* homework and I must admit that I am failing. It's like: write down something, research online, check email, look at twitter, write something else, erase, go back to youtube, go research, oops - back to youtube.

How's a gal suppose to concentrate?

Well, I am actually enjoying my summer right now so this whole "must finish the project a week early" idea is not going well...maybe I should spend my time doing something more productive.

So apparently there is something called the 'duck face' which basically describes people who pout out their lips while simultaneously sucking in their cheeks to appear cute and pretty.

I have decided to try it my way.

Ah. Sexy.

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  1. Hi doll, I just found your blog today! Loooving it!! Sunscreen is a def must for me too! xoxo