Sunday, June 20, 2010

HDD! Happy Dad's Day!

John N. - excellent athlete (high ranks in track & field, badminton, and basketball), skillful businessman, and wonderful father.

Are we talking about the same person?!

Despite all the impressive qualities, all I know is that my dad is a kook. An oddball. Someone who will purposely sneeze on us for a laugh. Someone who took a few judo classes and has since attempted to flip us over numerous times. Someone who will call home from long distance business trips to ask if we have watered the lawn for him. Yes, that is the John I know.

Happy Dad's Day!

We spent the day doing regular house chores: mowing the lawn, washing the cars, planting plants (I was doing hw at that point) but overall the day was full of laughs and jabs at each other. Our grand finale gift to our dad was not the typical. For our atypical father, we went to Home Depot and bought six different types of plants for Farmer J to add to his garden.

And here comes the pictures!


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