Friday, June 18, 2010

Bah, I'm giving up on homework for the night.

...well, my eyes are slowly beginning to droop down and zzzzz

Today was hair trim day! Not a huge difference on my end (more of a difference for Odona) but I did get it drastically thinned out. My goodness my hair is thick, I was afraid the hairdresser's scissors were going to get stuck in there.

Dear May,
Don't worry about being bored at work, it really is just practice for being bored during next semester! Cheers!

Right now we're having a sleepover party in LB! I was sitting in my room doing homework (boo) while Odona was in her room playing with her DS and the other three (Jeanne + Olivia + Jimmy = JOJ) watched 'Whale Wars' ... which is ironic since we are going whale watching tomorrow...


check out what they did to me this time!

and my Panera lunch


  1. thank u :)
    i just have to keep telling myself "this is just the beginning, and it'll get better."

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