Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watching Transformers 2, and what can I honestly say? The plot is way too predictable, the action is pretty good, and the CG is good but staring at 'alien machines' fighting is tough to visually differentiate.

The most annoying thing has to be their use of Megan Fox since she basically poses and pouts while delivering lines poorly. Hot or not? You tell me!

At least there are bits of enjoyable slapstick humor.

Anyway, today was so relaxed that I feel a little bit guilty. School isn't officially over but with all the tough bits of class done with, it seems difficult to stay concentrated. Ah what guilt makes me do.

I have nothing much to report except that today was a beautiful sunny day that was appreciated very much from the indoors. Oh, well, I did see some beautiful sights.

Like this for example:

who knew such beauty existed?

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