Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TMIT! Thank Me It's Tuesday!


After staying u
p to do CAD for 8 hours straight (minus the 20 min travel time to buying dinner) I really could not wait to hit the bed and snooze for hours. Unfortunately it was one of those moments where you are so tired but you just can't seem to fall asleep. HATE IT. (understatement)

Anyway, I woke u
p this morning from a deep deep sleep and groggily punched the 'Dismiss' button on my cellphone. My first thought was honestly, "where am I?"

Everyone starting arriving to my
place around 12:30pm and we set out to school to drop off our finished image CDs for our instructor to grade.

After my su
perior running, I jumped back into the car and we drove to C
PK where we rushed our meal and arrived back at school for our tour of the new building being built next to the parking structure. We donned on our hard hats and began our tour of the facilities. The building was going to be our newest recreation center with new basketball courts, swimming pools, racket ball courts, volleyball, a running track, and tons of aerobic activity rooms. The main entrance, I believe, will have a sensor where they will scan your hand print and then allow you to have access into the space!

But despite all that, the most impressive thing to me was that this building was going to be LEED Silver...maybe that came across a bit nerdy. Er... just look at the few pictures I took...

So that was what happened today, nothing much planned for later. I think this is the earlier post I've had for a while. I should get a prize!

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