Saturday, May 22, 2010

So "wack lack" is the new phrase?

We're home! Not that it is much of a celebration since I will be visiting LB probably at least once a week for the rest of summer...

I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up my room and sweeping the floors so this morning, I woke up feeling calm and serene. Then I actually got up and flung things around and everything was back to normal.

TKD is getting more intense now that school is over! I was approached twice today about my upcoming schedule these next few months and already have been told that I needed to dedicate many days, if not every day, to practicing for the big tourney. Well poo to you, tkd practice. You are putting a real damper on my excitement for summer. Well, tourney's in the beginning of July so it won't be long now. One month and counting! (Yua, you are also requested to go everyday to catch up)

The best part of practice is really hanging out with friends. Hence the pictures I promised:

Well, we were bored waiting at Tasty Garden...

And yes, that IS Jimmy...

Oh and on the same note, I finally got to really test out my new Tria markers and I have to say that they are looking better than the Copic ones. A bit cheaper and still great quality. Of course I only had so many to check but ever since my initial disappointment with the new packaging, I am now ready to invest more money back into Tria. Love you, Tria! You've always had a marker-shaped place in my heart.

...Well, that is until you changed your packaging and your marker size. But er... a newly formatted marker-shaped place.

So many little things to take care of until July's big tournament so if you all do not see me much until then, just won't see me much.

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  1. ahhh!! u've ophed me again! (but w/ pics of jimmy this time... hmm) LOL.