Monday, May 24, 2010

A relaxing day

My sister's back! Back again. Yuy yuy's back. Tell a friend.

Old school songs...

Anyway, today is also Alex's birthday! Happy birthday, IT guy!

We picked up a Jeanne, an Olivia, and an Alex for some sushi and Target-ing before settling in for a repeat of Iron Man (first one) and I have to say that my memory DOES in fact suck because I forgot about 75% of the details. =T

After the movie came a Jimbo who escorted us through our walk to some milk tea with jelly (for me and Olivia) and milk tea with boba (for Odona, Jeanne, and that one guy) It looked so nice today but once 5pm hit, it was quite windy and confusing. Make up your mind, Mother Nature, are we having summer or aren't we?

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