Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oye vey! the countdown to the end of finals begins! Well, it had already begun but I...er...nevermind.

So because it is so stressful lately, I am going to try to just list the events that occur during the day. Excuse the laziness! =)

10am - Wake up
10:35 - Get up
11:00 - May May and Meng Meng arrived
11:30ish - Chipotle!
12:00 - incubate in the highly air-conditioned studio
12:35 - groan about not having earphones available
1:45 - headed off to cardio class where we jumped around, ran a bit, and threw playground balls at each other
2:15ish - daily fill of Starbucks
6:30 - headed to Krishna Copy Pro to print out AutoCad sheets for tomorrow's class
7:15 - off to that one Korean restaurant that we've been going to for about a year yet I still don't know the name of it
9:30 - book flight and trip to Orlando, Florida (for July)
10:15ish - Meng leaves
10:35 - still trying to interrupt the conversation to make fun of Jimmy for wearing a sweater to the beach
11:10 - taking out the trash
11:15 - realized that a giant mosquito wannabe flew into the house
11:45 - Jeanne killed it and scraped it off Odona's wall with my old magazine
2am - super tired of doing 3d Studio Max
2:15 - time to sleep


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