Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show Event

Aiyah yah yah yah =) Today was different.

I am completely exhausted at this point but I think it was a day well worth the sleep deprivation. Frodo and I attended our first ever Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show event at Santa Anita. Apparently this is an event that happens once in the spring and then once again in the fall. You basically buy a $15 ticket that is redeemable in products.

We woke up early early because I did some research to see what this event was really about and many bloggers stated that there were long lines in front of the main entrances so we all had to be prepared. Fro and I arrived at the mall at exactly 7:30 only to see two measly cars parked.
"Is there really an event today?" I wondered. Well, luckily my paranoia got the best of me so I decided to drive up the steep hill to find that the adjacent parking lot was filling up quickly while a decent line of women stood outside the stainless steel doors of Nordstrom. Eep!

We quickly made our way to the lines and I was getting excited at the prospect of finding new goodies and new sights to see. After about twenty minutes in line, we found ourselves with two perfume samples and a few lotion samples to try while smiley over-makeup-ed sales assistants tried to introduce us to their products.
They finally let us in about ten minutes before 8am and the aggression began! We all quickly grabbed the free tote bags handed to us at the door entrance and Frodo briskly walked to grab seats while I grabbed the complimentary coffee and muffins (I also found myself grabbing two large free water bottles just in case!)

The show was set up to be a mini fashion show where there was a small runway (not exactly ADA friendly but I guess I shouldn't complain) that was reached from the middle of the store to the end of the distance calculations seem to have failed me at the moment. And that is the beginning to loud music followed by numerous speeches by over-preppy cosmetic marketing associates, VPs, representatives from every skincare, makeup, and fragrance line.

It was fun but I kind of expected to get more (free stuff) out of it. They did hand out freebies to random people and they did do raffle drawings but OF COURSE we never win those. Have I ever told you the story of when we had a 8 in 10 chance of winning a drawing in San Jose? Yes, you guessed it! We all lost.
Anyway, after the event was over upstairs, people started to fight to get downstairs to the actual merchandises. Boy was it a fight. People are quite pushy before noon.

Frodo and I shopped around, got makeovers, and just had fun milling through counters, sampling products, obtaining many samples, and shoving people.

Ok, I lied. We didn't get many samples.

At the end of the day, it was a fun event. Very different. But I don't know if it's really worth all the hassle. It's not like the counters were discounted, it was more like a party to buy regular priced things... see my confusion? Anyway! I had fun and now I have great memories to go by!

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