Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"My pastor's wife told me I needed retail therapy."

That's really all I needed to hear.

What a day today turned out to be! Frodo had a final, May had a Staples mishap, Lymo had a confusing time figuring out where we were, Jeanne had studied enough, and I had to mail out a package to my Australian swapper friend.


Anyway, after all that happened, we finally got together to head out to the Block at Orange (again.)

Needed some fuel aka Starbucks (again.)

Then we came back and I had some makeup fun by testing out different looks on Frodo and myself.

Here she is with both eyes made up differently,

A close up on the Lime Love

And then a look at the editorial Pink Slash

Then I took a turn and made the Shock of Colors

And the Sunrise

All in all, I'm tired but I had fun. Who's the one who actual had the therapy? Maybe I need real therapy for this now.


  1. Such beautiful make up looks!

    and this post brought a smile to my face

    how lovely it is to have nice company

    love love love xo
    hope to hear from you !!

  2. your eye make up is gorgous visit my blog and follow it! I'll for sure follow yours!