Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just found a disturbing picture I took of myself a while back.

Too cool for school

Anyway, here's the recap of my day! I plan to keep this type of update going until my finals are over to reduce the stress of forcing any type of know what I mean

8:30 am - waking up without my alarm is getting to become an unshakable habit. me no likey.
10:40 - opening one eye to see that my alarm still hasn't gone off. back to sleep

11:00 - alarm went off and I felt terrible. I felt like I was in really deep sleep and am being dragged out of it. ???!!
11:15 - pressed Snooze for the third time and actually got up
11:30 - getting ready in the morning while looking out my window only to see a psycho squirrel running back and forth on the power lines. alex?
12:10 - heading off to Old Town Pasadena to see another Apple doctor
12:20 - finally got the dogs taken care of and leaving the house (for real this time)
12:45 - cursing the bad drivers that are causing me to be late for my appointment

12:57 - walked up to the Genius Bar to sheepishly tell them I'm here
1:10 - they call me and I'm up!
1:20 - bought a new battery and had to replace my power adapter. depressed again *btw, they said to let you battery cycle once every 3-4 days (not a week like the other guy said) and that around the year and half mark, most batteries need replacing. sound familiar?
1:30 - ordered my Caramel Latte over Ice at Coffee Bean and am waiting with Odona while trying to avoid the creepy guy standing by
1:45 - arrived at the Post Office to send off some goodies that were lost from their homes
2:00 - lunch time! reheating some Pizza Hut pizza and pasta (at the request of Fro Fro)

2:45 - off to do some sketching

7:00 - walking up and down the stairs to look for snacks but realized that Momma was cooking dinner already so must be patient

8:00 - dinner time! watching the Phoenix and San Antonio game. come on guys!
9:30 - Fro Fro returns with some green milk tea with boba for me! this is becoming quite a bad but delicious habit

10:30 - time to try Lush's Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease hair treatment and that one blueberry face mask

11:30 - woo, super soft hair now and my skin feels quite nice!
1:30 - just got a snack (El Sabroso Guacamole chips) and some Arizona green tea

1:35 - back to work take care, loves!

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