Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's still Sat 5/22 to me! *changed it!

Not much to report today! I woke up early in the morning to a THUD. It took me probably two seconds to figure out that it was Lymo who was wiggling around enough to fall off the bed. hahahah! I think he was a little stunned because he didn't jump back up for a few seconds.

Teaching was the main event today with a small class. We had a more relaxed atmosphere with the little kids taking turns jumping around and kicking paddles. Oh the joys of kids.

Not that they are always a joy to be teaching but they say the funniest things. We have a kid who refers to his cousins as his "boyfriends" - he is five years old. We have seven and eight year old boys who constantly try to hit each others crotch...what can I say other than: they are boys.

Afterward we were getting ready to go out for dinner so I did my version of PixiWoo's pastel eye masterpiece and I ended up liking it.

oh and tomorrow a visiting master is coming to our studio and I am feeling ehhh about it. We'll see.

This was a boring post. Shall I entertain you with this:

That is my unibrow-glasses-mole-mustache-surprised-guy. You are welcome.

You have been Ophed...AGAIN!


  1. ahhh! darn it!

    the first thing that made me laugh was ur title tho... it's still 3/23?
    i believe what u really meant was 5/22(Sat).
    not 5/23(Sun) or 3/23(Tue)...right?
    LOL. WAKE UP!!

  2. LOLLLLL. oh, ophe... i miss u already. :p