Monday, May 3, 2010

It's 3am and I'm too tired to continue on with AutoCad...possibly the boringest thing to do for two hours straight. Well, besides reading Walden - nothing is THAT boringest!

Today is Sunday Sunday Sunday! I ski
pped Saturday (yes, May the smarty pants!) because most of Saturday became sort of a "date day" where Jimbo and I ran a million billion errands. I returned my MacBook battery since they told me it was not the cause of the problem. We got stuck in Lush for a long time while Steve (the Lush Guy) basically gave us an overview of every item in the store. We ate, we sang, we cried - best Saturday ever!

Today was another lovely day since we were forced to go on a mandatory beach tri
p that actually turned out to be very relaxing and fun. So off we went to a windy Hermosa Beach

Odona and Jeanne have been taking this art class that has required them to travel to many different locations and do very interesting fun things. Last trips were to the Norton Simon museum and the Venice Beach spray painting. This trip was to go to any beach and create a plaster cast of something. I tried to make a cast of my foot but unfortunately came up empty - there is speculation that too much water was added.

It looks like I had a lot of fun this weekend but it comes at a cost. I have basically been working really hard during the late nights/early mornings to make u
p for this lost time for errand-running and beach going. In any case, it has been rather enjoyable and has helped me de-stress. I still do honestly feel very stressed out at the loss of time and direction but it's almost over so I'm hanging in there. I want this project to turn out very well but at this step now it seems uncertain. We can do it! I believe! I ... I'm sleepy so...good night =)

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