Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm staring at May

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today..well, I suppose technically it's Tuesday 12:15 am but...anyway, right after claiming that I haven't missed that many posts, I go and miss yesterdays. Err...

Anyway! I just finished my AutoCad and am staring at May now

She's working hard as you can see...

I get so exhausted after doing CAD because let's face it, it's boring without the ring - therefore it's bo. Ok, I think I'm a little bit too tired now.

I guess I'll keep this short since I'm not making much sense. I was playing with my vray and am developing this :

I know the lighting is still off and the materials don't all read well but I'm going to practice with this.

Ok, that's all, good night and take care!

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  1. haha, looks like u are going to scold me or something...